If your current data cap on your mobile plan isn’t quite cutting it, then maybe it’s time to look at Virgin Mobile, who has today announced that they’ll be throwing in an extra Gigabyte of data to new and upgrading customers connecting to plans in the $40 and above range.

To qualify for the bonus data, you’ll need to sign up before the 28th of February and if you’re in need of a new phone they have a full selection available, although they seem to be pushing the Galaxy S3 4G on their BonusData site – yep, a phone almost two years old, still fairly decent mind you, but it has pretty much hit the 18 month ‘barrier’ that most companies impose on software feature updates on phones.

Of course with all these signups there’s a 24 month contract involved and the data on offer won’t rollover to the next month – use it or lose it folks – but the data is measured in Kilobyte blocks rather than Megabytes.

Virgin Mobile of course is owned by Optus mobile, and of course uses the Optus network to deliver their 3G and 4G mobile service. You can check out coverage for the Virgin/Optus Network on the Virgin website, before you sign-up to see what sort of signal you can expect.

Head over to the Virgin Mobile website to check out the Bonus Data offer and peruse the phones on offer to see if you can find something you’ve been wanting.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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Hi. That seems big of them until you realise they cut their data right back a while ago. My current $59 post paid/fair go plan gives me 3gb data. If i took up their current $60 postpaid plan, I’d get just 2.5gb so I’d still losing out even with the extra gigabite.