Optus Carrier Billing
After Telstra added Google Play billing back in December of 2012, customers of other carriers began asking for it almost immediately. By Wednesday this week, Optus post-paid mobile customers will be able to add Google Play content to their Android devices and have the charge added to their monthly Optus bill.

Ben White, Vice President, Mobile Marketing, Optus said

We’re making it hassle-free for our Android customers – there’s no need to store a credit card or worry about paying multiple bills – so they don’t have to waste time before starting their next game of Angry Birds or buying extra lives in Candy Crush Saga.

“We’re helping prevent bill shock by giving customers control to set up spend limits or add a pin for more security. Plus, people are protected from accidental or change of mind purchases with a 15 minute window for cancellations.

All content purchased by Optus post-paid customers must be accepted on their device, and any charges will be clearly listed on their bill, including apps, games, music, movies, TV Shows and eBooks. But there’s limits, to stop potential fraud, Optus and Google have limited transactions to a maximum of $49.99 up to a maximum of $200 per month on all content purchased through your Optus Account.

Google Play Optus Bill

To access direct billing, you’ll have to select the option in Google Play on your phone or tablet. It requires a one-time registration but will take mere minutes and you can then begin purchasing content – including in-app purchases.

Setup Optus Billing
It’s unclear whether Virgin Mobile – an Optus subsidiary – will be offering direct carrier billing to their customers, we’ve reached out to Optus to clarify this and ask if it will be offered to pre-paid customers in the future. We’ve also asked Vodafone if they’re intending to offer the same service.

Do you have an Optus Post-Paid account? Will you be using this new payment method?

Source: Optus.
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Jack Crowe

I’d love to use this but I’m on TPG.
I’ve been told they use Optus’ network but it won’t show up.
Oh well… I can dream.


not going to work unless you are using Optus directly. MNVOs don’t get the same benefits


Needs to be on prepaid too…


YUP. just like Telstra!

Darren Ferguson

Is there any advantage to use carrier billing as opposed to your credit card? I’ve always used my card except for a couple of times when I’ve gotten the gift cards cheap.

Daniel Tyson

Not really, unless you don’t want to use a Credit Card on Google Play. The main advantage I hear from Telstra guys is from pre-paid customers who buy their credit on-sale and reap the rewards.


With the Telstra prepaid plan I’m on, Dan, I’ve never yet seen a prepaid credit sale.

I’ve seen a dozen or so on the Optus prepaid plan I’m on, since q1 2010.

Daniel Tyson

I’ve seen Telstra credit, or pre-paid starter kits which include credit on sale a lot of times.


Yup. I’ve bought $30 prepaid starter kits for $10!!! 😀


An advantage with using postpaid billing on Google Play is that you don’t need to pay cash for your purchase, immediately. You get to delay the payment to when you get your next phone bill, which if you time the purchase right, could well be a month away.

Darren Ferguson

I’m pretty sure you just described credit there also 😉




haha, well same argument but say you only have a debit card then =)


Visa Debit gets handled both by Google and Telstra as a Visa credit card.


Having it available on prepaid on Telstra is great, as I don’t need to waste time going to a shop to buy a Google Play Card. I just top-up my account to the amount I want and start shopping, and I have more top-up value options than there are Google Play Card face vales available.
The sooner Optus catches up with that, the better.