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Kogan Mobile has confirmed that their 4G plans are running ahead of schedule, as we noted last night. The plan to switch on 4G was supposed to be completed by June, and unlike many IT projects – this one appears to be going well. To welcome in the new 4G speeds, Kogan has added a new 11GB data option to their range of plans

The plan offers you 11GB of data per month – with a bonus 1GB being added to your total until the 31st of July. The new plan, called 11XL is available in 30, 90 or 365 day blocks. As well as data, the plans include unlimited standard calls and texts within Australia.

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All Kogan Mobile plans, including the 1XL, 3XL and 5XL plans have now been transitioned over to the 4G service at no charge. As a bonus customers on the 5XL plan are also getting a bonus 2GB of data to use meaning they can now get 7GB of data per month – not bad with 4G speeds sucking that data down fast.

Kogan Mobile 4G options

David Shafer, Executive Director of, said the fast-tracked roll out of 4G was part of Kogan Mobile’s commitment to continuously improve the value customers receive from the service.

We promised our customers 4G connectivity was coming by June this year. We have delivered on that promise and we have delivered it ahead of schedule.

Kogan Mobile runs on the back of the Vodafone 4G network, with services available on the Band 3 (1800MHz) and Band 5 (850MHz) LTE bands. A compatible handset is required to use these bands, but luckily Kogan does have some handsets to sell on their main site.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new plans, head over to the Kogan Mobile website.

Source: Kogan Mobile.
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Jamie S

12GB of data for $50 is great value, then I read it works on Vodafone’s network which is garbage in Tasmania. Great if you live in a capital city though!