We’re seeing a bit of a pricing battle emerge among the NBN retail providers at the moment. Aussie Broadband were first to jump with others, including iiNet quickly following.

The promotion brings the price of a new NBN 100/20 connection with “Liimitless Data” to $89.99 per month, while the faster plans have seen a $10 per month price drop. This brings the 200/25 speed down to $124.99 and 1000/50 down to $144.99 per month.

Potentailly the biggest snag here, is if you’re not yet connected and on HFC you won’t be connected for a while…

For existing customers though: Jackpot!

Customers with a Fiber to the Premises or HFC on speeds slower than 100/40Mbps will see a free upgrade to 250/25 or 1000/50 for 6 Months. After this time, you can take one of two options:

  1. Pay full whack for the connection you’re now on or
  2. Drop back to the lower speed connection you were originally on

This could be potentially dangerous if users don’t realise what’s occurring and are automatically charged. Providers could also be accused of bait and switch tactics. The reality is that the discounts are coming from NBN as an incentive for users to move to higher speed plans, so keep an eye on your ISP website for details and if you find something cool: Tip us!

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You know what bites about this deal for me? I’m currently, still, on Internode ADSL2+.
iinet offer NBN here, but not where I’ll be moving to.
TPG offer NBN where I’ll be moving to.
Internode sold out to iinet years back, and iinet was later swallowed by TPG.
TPG need a swift boot up the arse for not making this offer available across all their brands.