When you’ve got a winning formula, stick with it, and that’s exactly what HTC is doing with the Desire S. This evening our friends over at MobiCity announced that they have received stock and shipping is go, for a reasonable $699. What this also means is that Telstra, who are picking up the Desire S, should make an announcement on a NextG variant’s availability and pricing very soon. If it’s anything like the launch of the original HTC Desire that was announced almost exactly a year ago, it will be on ~$60/mo plan and have an outright price of below $700.

As for the Desire S itself, you can think of it as the thinner, faster, more attractive version of the original Desire. It’s a whole 5 grams lighter, slightly smaller, has the same 3.7″ Super LCD display, but it does have a faster 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and GPU as well as a HSPA+ 3G connection. For all your comparison needs, head over to GSMArena. Oh yeah, Chris will be reviewing this sometime next week 🙂

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Not quite sure $699 at Mobicity can be considered “reasonable”. I just bought mine from Handtec in the UK for $490, which includes an 8gig microSD card, and a 2-year warranty.

Mobicity are overpriced.

banana 101

Actually its because you bought yours in the UK so that would be 490 euro’s. Also they are selling it for AU$599


I know a lot of business people got the original Desire. I think HTC have done enough small improvements to win these type of purchasers again. As professionals are probably the target market (imo) Telstra may release it on an inflated Cap plan like $79 p/m or more. Enthusiasts however, won’t even look at anything new unless it’s dual core, 1GB Ram, 8MP (1080P), etc. It’s strange that HTC have nothing in their current portfolio with these specs for release this month. LG, Motorola, Samsung & Sony however are all releasing handsets with the upgraded SOC’s and cams. Unless I’ve… Read more »


I don’t think you’ve missed a thing; it’s a very state of affairs!

It’s worthy of mention however, that HTC is planning an ‘event’ 14th April which will hopefully be the Pyramid (plus some long overdue Gingerbread love for HTC Desire and co).

But will the Pyramid come to Aus…? Who knows! I bloody hope so, but failing that, I’ll grab the Desire S and be happy to throw my iPhone 3G in the bin… well, I’ll sell it on eBay actually!