Welcome to the first roundup of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Australia news. Here we’ll be setting out what we know is happening with the Galaxy Nexus in Australia, such as rumours, solid news, release dates, prices etc.. all that good stuff! So let’s just jump into the first roundup shall we.


We’ve confirmed from two solid sources that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in Telstra’s computer system (Siebel). This is happens when a device is being tested on the network or is going to be sold on the network. That leaves us guessing which of the two it will be. Seeing as though the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to all networks in the UK, I don’t see why Telstra wouldn’t get it and it’s looking very promising very early.


Having spoken to Vodafone directly they confirmed when the Nexus S launched on their network that they would be stocking all of Google’s Nexus devices as long as their global carrier agreement was still in place. Vodafone is still a part of the OHA (Open Handset Alliance) so we’re assuming that agreement is still firmly in place — this is confirmed by the Galaxy Nexus launching exclusively in the US on Verizon, a partner of Vodafone. I’ve also spoken to sources who say they’re very confident the Galaxy Nexus will be launching on Vodafone.

Further evidence leading us to believe Vodafone are going to announce something re. Galaxy Nexus very soon is that they’ve been pointing users on Twitter to their blog each time they’re asked about the Galaxy Nexus. You can see that for yourself below when a fellow writer for Ausdroid, Phil, asked them.


We’d heard from sources inside of Optus that they’re looking to get their hands onto the Galaxy Nexus as quickly as possible. Today we can announce exclusively that we’ve heard word from sources that Optus are in discussions to try to get the Galaxy Nexus as a short-term exclusive. Our source(s) also said that Optus were aiming for a late December launch date. For anyone asking “What would give Optus the edge over other carriers to get the exclusive?” Optus were the first Australian carrier to launch an Android device, so they’ll use the long-term support of the OS in their favour. It’s an interesting concept having a launch exclusive on a Nexus device here in Australia, however, we have to remember Samsung and Google are taking a different approach with this launch, they’re going to push this device to every carrier they can to try to saturate the market.

On Twitter, Optus haven’t been giving too much away, they’re far more closed-lip about it than Vodafone. You can check out what they had to say below.

Online retailers..

MobiCity met with their UK suppliers last night, I believe, and said today on Twitter that they had nothing new to announce re. a release date for them selling the Galaxy Nexus, meaning that the release date is still up in the air with an expected batch to arrive around the 17th of this month, even though massive online retailers in the UK such as Expansys and Amazon pushed the release back to December 2nd.

If you’re looking to buy your device outright from an online retailer, we’ve put together a nice table of where you’re better off getting the Galaxy Nexus from. Check it out!

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Lachlan Matthias

Optus is getting it on the 20th according to a rep who i spoke to


u will need big pockets to carry this mini tablet around

Lee Davis

I just asked Vodafone about GalaxyNexus and got a response of ‘Keep an eye on the blog’. Sounds like Vodafone may be about to announce!


boo to exclusives

Buzz Moody



I won’t be buying any phone this time that has Telstra branding.  They’re late or nonexistant to updgrade the OS version. I’ll only be buying the pure google one this time!

Buzz Moody

Nexus devices aren’t branded and Google pushes out the updates, not the carriers.


Really want this phone is 32gb! If not i will have to wait for the vigor or maybe even edge :/ 


What the… late December? !!! Aussies are left behind again …

Mike Tran

How’s it left behind when the U.S don’t even have a launch date and UK’s is rumored to be pushed back?


Australia got the galaxy s2 months before US.

alec cutler

do you reckon theres any chance of telstra bringing the lte version out or should i go ahead and buy it from an online place to get it sooner?

Buzz Moody

Telstra won’t bring out the LTE version unless they plan on launching it after the HTC Holiday which they’ve said will be their first LTE device. If that were to happen, you’re looking at a late Q1 2012 release.


alec cutler

i thought i was being too hopeful there 🙁

wouldn’t surprise me if they brought out an lte model after the holiday, similar to how the nexus s 4g was released later in the US


The wait for information is frustrating, and the longer it takes the more I want to wait for the next big thing. 

Buzz Moody

Have fun.


you would be surprised how many people will buy phones that are locked to a network off ebay… 

Kim Flowers

awww now you have me all nervous!



I reckon the week before xmas is the time someone will release it. I just want some solid news from them though lol


I agree, solid news from ANYONE wld be good mate!  Google, etc.. anyone…

Voda is the best

it is DEFINITELY coming to vodafone…the date would be around 20th december


32gb?  LOL!!  😛

Buzz Moody

😉 nothing.