Here we go, the flood gates have opened. Vodafone has just tweeted that the Galaxy Nexus is now available for pre-order and is launching at $5 on the $59 Cap. The cap offers $750 of Calls and 2GB of data. If you order the device now you’ll receive it before the 16th of December, a fair chunk of time before Christmas. Now that Vodafone have released their pricing and we have Optus’ yet-to-be-confirmed pricing, it’s up to Telstra to announce their plans for the Galaxy Nexus — this may happen at the December 14th event. Optus’ subsidiary, Virgin Mobile, are also expected to launch the Galaxy Nexus for $0 upfront on their Fair Go 59 cap which will be cheaper than Vodafone’s current offer, though not confirmed.

Vodafone also have the Galaxy Nexus on their Infinite Plans but it’s $0 upfront on the $85 plan which is plain stupid. It’s likely that Crazy John’s, a subsidiary of Vodafone, will carry the device for cheaper in the near future, much like they did with the Nexus S. If you want to get your order in, hit up the Vodafone Store.

Source: Vodafone AU.
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Never Trendy

Any word on when Vodaphone are shipping pre orders?


Ordered Mine today, they said I may have it by Friday. Got $49 +25 HS per month. They gave me 20% off the plan and $50 credit as well so $720.40 total…not bad

melb heart

Virgin is pretty good for its price. I’m currently using a Xperia Arc(should’ve gotten Galaxy S II) on their Fair Go plan and I’ve had no problems with it. Phone calls never dropped out so far. Although if you use a lot of 3G definitely not recommending Virgin as they drop out or ridiculously slow sometimes. (Miss Telstra when it comes to 3G)


My dad tried to sign up for the nexus today (his plan ran out a month ago and he has been waiting) but since he is an existing customer he can’t get the Nexus. Gotta love that customer care.

Never Trendy

You have to do it online. I did last night.


Galaxy Nexus for 768 on Vodafone. Get the 29 cap + 35 over 12 months. Works out a little cheaper than Kogan with a full year of service.

Craig Hudson-Taylor

yeah but it gives you very little (200mb of data).
I reckon you are better off with the 49 + 25 over 12 months. $120 or so more but a usable plan.

Also look if you are an existing customer there is a deal to save 10% off the plan.


Telstra will be releasing the 4G LTE version in early Feb which they are now currently testing (with some problems).


Not, going to happen…..

Dara Ing

it says on the site that .,,

“Order before 16th Dec to guarantee delivery before Xmas.”

so do u get it before x mas or before the 16th of dec???

Paul Lucas

I’m hoping Optus re-up their bid..


Hoping for only $10 on $59 cap for telstra, but more likely $10 on $79 cap or something. Bah!


Virgin looks to be the better deal, especially considering vodafone’s $5/mth handset fee coupled with its poor coverage/service. No doubt Telstra will price this out of range for most.

William Sanders

Remember that this phone works with Vodafone’s new 850 MHz network. Everything I’ve heard is that if you can get on the new network, it’s much better. And everything I’ve heard about Virgin is that it’s cheaper for a reason…