Well how about this for a Sunday morning rumour from Smarthouse. They’re reporting that Telstra is already testing the Samsung Galaxy S III with a release date set for a few days after the global launch date in April. Keep in mind, Smarthouse have reported some pretty horrendous stories that have never played out. Smarthouse says that Telstra’s Galaxy S III will have 4G LTE and was told by its sources that it does indeed have a 4.8-inch HD edge-to-edge display. Whether that’s 1920×1080 still remains a mystery for now.

The article goes on to say that Vodafone and Optus will also have access to the Galaxy S III at some point, but it’s not known whether or not Telstra will claim a month of exclusivity. If we get any more info, we’ll keep you informed.

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I call bullshit.


Never believe Smarthouse. Worst so-called tech journalism in Australia.


Now, if only they’d add a notification led!


 how is that phone going to fit in your pocket?


They actually did a size comparison with the galaxy nexus, and it turns that the overall S3 is smaller than the galaxy nexus, albeit with a larger screen.



The SII’s form factor looks big enough to fit a 4.8″ screen edge-to edge. Gee it’d be nice if I didn’t have to buy a new car kit and desktop cradle.


Let’s hope these rum ours turn out to be more true than the recent Samsung super-tablet rumours. Otherwise the sgs3 will turn out to be identical to the sgs2, but maybe a bit cheaper…


I said I wouldn’t replace my GS2 unless my next phone’s screen goes to the edge. Touche Samsung!


Oh I’m excited by this phone….. Cleanup isle 3!!

Vijay Alapati

if the phone is going to look like that pic…then i’m ready to stand in line 🙂


Nom noms that is all.