Well how about this. Our own Matty Booth pointed out to me that on Samsung’s support site it lists versions of the Galaxy S III that are going to launch. Lo and behold there are versions for Vodafone (VAU), Optus (OPS) and a few versions for Telstra (TEL).

The GT-i9300 is just the basic Galaxy S III and from the looks of things will be launching on Optus. There’s also mention of the same version for Telstra.

The GT-i9300T is a version that’s enhanced for 850MHz 3G usage (yes, you could even call it ‘NextG Optimised’) and will launch on Vodafone and Telstra. Previous versions of Samsung phones have had a ‘T’ at the end of their names: GT-i9100T (Galaxy S II) and GT-i9250T (Galaxy Nexus), so this isn’t the first.

The one we found most interesting is the GT-i9303. A bump up of 3 on the codename suggests it will be a modified version of the normal Galaxy S III. This matched with the “TEL” on the end, leads us to believe that this is a 4G LTE version for Telstra and may come with a different processor from that of the Quad-Core Exynos found in the GT-i9300.

All will be confirmed on May 31 when Samsung officially launches the Samsung Galaxy S III here in Australia.

Source: Samsung (support).
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A heads up to those who like to root their device –
Well done to the Devs on XDA. The SIII is yet to be released and they’ve already gained root.
Now hurry the fark up and release the LTE TELSTRA! I WANT IT BAAAAAAAAAD!


XSA = Virgin !

Anthony Jackson

XSA is australian unbranded


True, but Virgin will carry this model.


As far as I know there is no confirmed date for Samsung galaxy s3 in Australia.


There’s a media event on the 31st, they did not explicitly say it’s for the S3, but hey.


I am pretty sure the multiple versions point to the options in the inbuilt storage of 16/32/64GBs. Anyways, no short of great sleuthing there Matty, well done!

Buzz Moody


Jamesz Zhang

am i reading this correctly did it just say may 31 is the galaxy s3 launch date for australia omg omg i can get rid of my galaxy nexus cauz i still hve 2 years left on my contract

Buzz Moody

31st is the launch event. The release date will be some point in June.


if u look at past model numbers, the i9x03 models are a downgrade of the i9x00 one…

i9003 – Galaxy SL, downgraded to SC LCD and TI OMAP3 from SAMOLED and Hummingbird
i9103 – Galaxy R, downgraded to SC LCD and Tegra 2 from SAMOLED+ and Exynos 4410

if we look at S II 4G, it’s actually a i9210, in a totally number series as the vanilla S II


According to GSMarena and a few other places it’ll be running a Snapdragon dual core with 2gigs of ram for the LTE version

Matt Booth

I thought that was the Docomo Japanese version with 2GB ram? Links?

Matt Booth

I’m tempted by the i9303 since my next phone will definitely have LTE, the only downside is lack of community rom support for niche versions of this phone. Hopefully it will support a few LTE bands and the same version will have a wide release



Thanks Buzz, you’re a star in the Android Galaxy 😀


Don’t get your hopes up for LTE.
There is a possibility the Telstra phone will be NextG and they’ll come with an LTE one later on.
This listing below for Telstra SIII was added on the 13th May and it doesn’t list LTE support:
As a point of comparison, here is an LTE SIII – you notice its code starts with SHV instead of GT and they specify the LTE + operating frequency in the specifications: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=3544&c=samsung_shv-e210s_galaxy_s_iii_lte
Anyway, not saying it definitely won’t be LTE, just saying – don’t get your hopes up.