There’s an uprising taking place in the Google Play Store and it’s aimed at the Google Play Movies app. People (read: savvy users) are pissed at Google for not allowing them to rent or buy videos just because their device is rooted. I myself can see both sides of the story — users want freedom; Google doesn’t want videos to be recorded or downloaded illegally — but it does beg the question of how Google will solve this issue if they do at all.

The total amount of rooted users isn’t likely to be that large, but they’re certainly the vocal minority. So if Google want to see positive ratings, they’re going to have to find some middle ground, or prepare to be voted to the bottom.

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Damon Smith

Installed hide my root from Google Play on my XOOM running EOS and Google Movies works fine.


I bet that while rooted users would generally be more tech savvy and have other means content…i’d also bet that they would more likely be the type to pay and rent for the convenience also. I for one wouldnt pay $5 a movie just so i could rip it off through the rooted back end


Haven’t actually tried Google movies yet button I don’t like the idea of how they do it. If I rent a movie I expect to be able to watch it on any device I own… Or all of them. Like how Google books works


Oh this is just rooted ^_^


This is Google protecting themselves. I’m sure they don’t like it either.

Geoff Fieldew

Agreed. Google need to show the big movie makers (who are already suspicious and nervous) that their intellectual property is protected. Then more will jump on board, hopefully.

Note: I’d actually prefer to buy the movie outright so I can play it whenever or wherever I choose. It’s a slow process though so I choose to be patient.

Geoff Fieldew

Dear rooted users. There is a workaround. Install Rootkeeper. Temporarily unroot (a protected copy of root will be saved). Watch your movie. Reroot via Rootkeeper. It’s as hard as pressing one button!


The thing is, people don’t want workarounds, they want solutions.

get off your high horse

he is just the messenger… where is your attempt at a solution


Geoff, having to deroot your Android device solely to use Google Movies, even temporarily, screws users, as most rooted phones will usually have root essential apps installed, that are kept in the background all the time. Unless I am mistaken, derooting the phone will screw those apps over. That adds to the unweidlyness of your suggested solve to what Google is inflicting on users.

Geoff Fieldew

I should have made it clear that my suggestion was for rooted users who actually wanted a workaround so they could purchase a movie rental and watch it. I do it myself with no negative effects. Of course, your mileage may vary!


I noticed that if movie app is installed before root there is no issue. But installing on a rooted rom the app will block


Good… Putting my rooting process on note onhold


I have root on the note and at this stage its not blocked. No doubt it will be soon tho

Nathan Elcoate

Serves them right

Anthony Young

google or the rooters?

ive have rooted n rom’d my gnex, but there is no way im fussed about this, google can do what they want, that’s why I root in the first place, because i don’t like how things work thier way.