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The Google Keep service which we saw briefly the other day has just gone live. The service is now available by accessing the URL https://drive.google.com/keep/, however despite the Drive URL there doesn’t appear to be a link to it from your Google Services or the Google Toolbar.

There is also an Android App available in Google Play as well and it looks like it is available for devices running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and above and for devices running Android 4.2 there’s also a lockscreen widget. The Android app lists the functions of the app and presumably the service :

  • Keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos.
  • Have voice notes transcribed automatically.
  • Use homescreen widgets to capture thoughts quickly.
  • Colour-code your notes to help find them later.
  • Swipe to archive things you no longer need.
  • Turn a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes.
  • Use your notes from anywhere – they are safely stored in the cloud and available on the web.

There’s just been an update put up on the Google Drive Blog. Head on over and check out the blog, the app and the service or watch the intro video :

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I would really like the ability to be able to attach documents to my notes, that way when I go into a meeting I can jot down some quick notes plus have all of the agenda papers attached to it. (This is how I currently use Evernote)

Andrew Palozzo

There’s actually a few features I would like compared to evernote, and I think they will come with time..

Tagging / Image OCR / Separate notebooks / Collaboration (especially on list)


Nice, but bit cautious about putting more reliance on a new Google service. What if it’s deemed not popular enough after a few years and then nuked like Reader?

Daniel Tyson

I`ll probably maintain my Evernote account as well, hopefully an industrious person creates a Google Keep/Evernote sync app…..Hint Hint App Developers.

Andrew Palozzo

I’m actually quite kinda sick of hearing about how you can’t rely on google since the retired reader… Reader was an aggregation of RSS feeds. It didn’t store any of your notes / documents.

There is a big difference. If you can’t trust google because they retired reader, then give up on gmail now too…


I have hundreds of starred feeds that I found interesting over the years but never had the chance to move them into proper archiving or to a reading service like Instapaper or Pocket.

If it was “just” a RSS reader with no saving facilities I’d be less bothered.


That was a concern of mine too, but I was relieved to find that Feedly will keep all my starred items.

Peter M

This this this this.

I’d say iGoogle and Google Reader are the two products they’ve retired that still did have a decent following.

I’m gutted it’s gone but I’m perfectly happy using Tiny Tiny RSS as a replacement! In fact it’s much faster!

Conan Thorogood

they’re extremely fickle with their services, aren’t they? they certainly need to rein a lot of them in. there seems to be very little control in terms of all the stuff they let loose. google tasks within gmail has to be the most embarrassing thing they’ve ever released.


You can export all your data and move somewhere else. The lack of ANY competition that isn’t powered by Google Reader shows why they shut it down. Nobody deems it as important.

Andrew Palozzo

Also sucks you can’t share list or anything… i’m sure that’ll come in a feature update at some point though…

Daniel Tyson

Yeah, I also like this feature from my Evernote lists….so can I interest you in sharing my Evernote Christmas list? it mainly consists of Google Glass written 50 times.

Andrew Palozzo

I was going to get you a set already… but 50? that’s a bit much isn’t 😛

Peter M

You can share lists with the Android app using the built-in share feature.

In fact I shared back to Keep to create a duplicate task! 🙂

Andrew Palozzo

Sold! I wonder if I can export my notes from evernote into keep? 😛