According to a report from Billboard, YouTube is readying its own music subscription service with a video component that will be launching later this year alongside a new YouTube mobile app.

Just take a moment to let that news sink in. YouTube, a Google owned entity, is launching its own music subscription service that is likely to compete against Google’s own Google Play Music All Access service. ‘Compete’ is probably the wrong word, instead Google is likely to capitalise on the people that see YouTube as an easy way to access their favourite tunes and music videos.

“We’re always working on new and better ways for people to enjoy YouTube content across all screens, and on giving partners more opportunities to reach their fans. However, we have nothing to announce at this time.” – YouTube spokesperson

The service will launch with a two-options: free ad-supported, and a paid subscription of $9.99/mo that will allow users access to a greater range of music as well as store music for offline playback — an option uncovered in the new version of the YouTube app.

Which leads us to how people will be able to access the service. Billboard reports that a new YouTube mobile app will be released alongside the service so as to allow users access to it on their mobile devices as well as desktops/laptops.

Little else is known about the service, but given the information we have, we’re likely to see the service roll out with Android KitKat in November.

Source: Billboard.
Via: The Verge.
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Add this to the fact that the new YouTube Android app allows you to continue playing sound whilst the screen is off!


Since when?? My Nexus 4 or 7 don’t do that, or am I missing something??

Paul Walker

I wonder if it will be cheaper for people that already subscribe to All Access. Could be a nice add-on for some.