Bump – a NFC file sharing app and Flock, bump’s photo sharing services (almost like instagram in a way), which was acquired by Google back in September, has announced through its blog that it will shut down both its services at the end of January 31st 2014.

CEO and cofounder David Lieb announced the closure of both products via the Bump services blog, in which he stated that “his team deeply focused on our new projects within Google.”

Of course the closure is bad news for Bump and Flock users who may still use the device (I know my mother does). In the announcement it was also stated that both apps will be deleted from the iOS App Store and Google Play respectfully and all stored data will be deleted from servers on the 31st of January. With the exception that all “locally” saved files or photos will remain in place on your device.

If you have data or files that are not stored locally on your device, don’t panic just yet, as you can still get all your data and files downloaded to either your smartphone or computer. All you need to do is just open up the app anytime within this month (before 31st January of course) and follow the instructions shown (select the “More” on your Android device). Bump will then send you an email with a link which will allow you to download all of your stored data.

Do you still use Bump or Flock? Are you sad to see these apps go? Do you think Google might be looking at working these apps into future software updates?

Source: Bump Blog.
Via: Engadget.
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Yet again the GoogleMonster is killing off something that they can’t manage to suck money from.
Yet again users have to re-learn that their data, if stored in the cloud, is impermanent.


And another negative Jeni comment. sometimes it is better to just shut up.