We’ve been doing the legwork today talking to manufacturers, carriers and retailers trying to find out Australian launch information for Google’s shiny new Nexus devices.

Earlier this afternoon we received an official statement from Motorola. It’s time to find out what our carriers make of Google’s Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

With Motorola behind the new Nexus 6, and their preference for going straight to retail with their devices, we’re not expecting to see Australian carriers range the Nexus 6. We didn’t expect to see the Nexus 5 either though, and Telstra did surprise us in 2013.

HTC on the other hand has good relations with Australian carriers, and we’ve seen a number of them stock tablets in the past couple of years – could the Nexus 9 be in with a shot?

With the Nexus 6 starting at US$649 and the Nexus 9 with LTE priced at US$599 (both devices are yet to be priced for Australia), the new generation of Nexus devices carries a higher price tag than the 2013 range, perhaps making them more attractive on-contract purchases if carriers can get their plans right.


We’ve been tipped that Vodafone won’t be carrying the Nexus 6, but will carry the 32GB+LTE Nexus 9. We’re seeking confirmation from Vodafone.

This could make them the only carrier prepared to offer HTC’s new tablet, and if our server activity today is any indication, it should generate a decent amount of business for the carrier.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has confirmed that they won’t be ranging the new devices.


Optus confirms they won’t be carrying the Nexus 9, but isn’t sure yet about the Nexus 6. We’re awaiting updates.

Update (October 22): Optus has advised they won’t be ranging the Nexus 6.


Telstra’s statement isn’t a straight-up denial:

We’re always looking for new and exciting products to bring to our customers, however we don’t have any news to share at this stage.

We’ll update this post with more information as we get it.

Will you look at a new Nexus device on contract with a carrier? Why, or why not? Tell us in the comments.

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Dodo has Nexus 6 on plan

Vyas Chady

They can’t wait until the phone is out of date specs wise then release it. Its too late now.

John Griffiths

I just tweeted voda, optus and telstra saying i’d switch to whichever could give me a nexus 6. Telstra asked me to sign up to their news page so announcement coming soon I’d guess.


What about places like Kogan?


I was convinced the Nexus 76 and 9 would be too big, but I saw the Verge’s (very poor) hands on and in their reviews tiny hands the 6 look OK but the 9 still looked too big for one handed operation (which is how i sue my 8″ tablet). So I’m now the opposite of where I was yesterday thinking the 6 was most likely a no and the 9 was a yes, well now its flipped. Hurry up and stock these things someone they are a must hold before you buy

Gavin Bowd

I just bought the G3.. and I will stand in JB holding the N6 next to it…. trying not to buy it…ehhhh


Is there any news about it on Google Play for Sale in Australia?

Brad Butler

I asked Optus on Facebook about the Nexus 6 and got this in reply: “Optus No details currently Brad, feel free to check back with us though – Tris”

Brad Butler

And that reply was just deleted. Does that mean anything?


Means the community service people are dumbass and didn’t check with management before posting.


Wow, these are responses are quite contrasting to the US telcos who are clamering over each other to carry it.
I can’t blame the telcos here, the Galaxy Nexus gave them a lot of headaches with the way it was supported and lagging in updates… but it was welcome to see the Nexus 5 pop up on telstra.


I don’t understand what happened. Most of them carried the gnex and then they dropped it.


I’m yet to see a carrier (Telstra in particular) to lock a Nexus handset to be carrier specific. The galaxy nexus was locked to some carriers like Vodafone, but nothing a quick root, flash and unroot cant fix. The Nexii are unlocked from Google and the carriers (usually) just forward it on. Going from previous sales they will only stock the lower of the two options (sadly).

tom colls

Telstra is definately going to stock it. When Telstra called me to ask if i wanted to renew my contract i told them i was waiting for the next google phone. They told me they would be stocking the Nexus 6 by name. This was yesterday before announcement.

Jason Murray

We finally got a response from Telstra – it wasn’t a denial but it wasn’t a yes, either. Maybe there’s an announcement coming.


There is no way on earth I would buy a Nexus from a carrier anyway.

I’ll buy the N6 when the order page goes live on Google Play.


Going on contract, with a subsidised handset, is the only way I will even CONSIDER getting a Nexus 6. The outright handset price is just too expensive otherwise.

Russell Cook

errr which Aust carriers will offer the Nexus 6? So far none. The headline is plane wrong.

Peter Massey

What does air travel have to do with it? Or you into carpentry? Oh, you mean plain.

Fiddle Castro

When you say “plain” are you talking about a field?

Peter Massey

The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain?