Beatles on Google

There was a rumoUr circulating the internet yesterday that long-time streaming music service hold-out The Beatles would be finally be making their back catalog available. Well, it’s a rumoUr no more. If you sit at the intersection of Beatles fan, Google Play Music subscriber, and Android user, Google has a new phrase for you, “OK Google, play the Beatles”, utter those words and you will be greeted with “Let it stream”.

Google has put together a Beatlemania clip to welcome the Kings of Pop to the Play Store:

You’re not a Google Play Music subscriber but still want to get your Beatles on? Don’t worry! In addition to being available on the streaming service you can also purchase what looks to be the whole back catalog as well. Head on over to the Play Store if you want to pick up your first of fifth copy of their albums. It’s important to note that for those of us who love the Beatles and use Google Play Music we have long had the ability to upload our own copies of their albums for free thanks to Google music upload service.

Are you a Beatles Fan who hadn’t uploaded your own copies to Google Play? Will you be getting the digitally remixed editions?

Source: Google.
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So how do I clear my own uploads to get the presumably better copies Google has to offer?