Just the other day we covered the roll out of Oreo to the HTC 10 and now it seems it is Samsung’s turn update their first phone to Oreo. Yesterday Android 8.0 started rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S8 phones on the Telstra network.

Yesterday we were alerted to Samsung Galaxy S8 phones on the Telstra network receiving the Android 8.0 Oreo update (thanks Dan). As you can see in the screenshot below the UI is updated to Samsung Experience 9.0 and the new build number is R16NW.G950FXXU1CRB7. The update is for a standard Galaxy S8 (not the plus) — as far as we know at this stage: if you hear or see otherwise please feel free to email us with a tip).

Upon further investigation Vodafone are in the process of scheduling testing for the update so we would expect that to arrive in a month or two. Optus on the other hand do not have it listed as anything but still running Android 7.0 on their website but it seems the website doesn’t have the latest information. In a statement to Ausdroid an Optus spokesperson said:

The Android O update for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be available to our customers on or before the 21st Mar

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ start mashing that “check for update” button as you should be getting your Oreo update goodness very soon.

Thanks: Dan.
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I’ve got the update for S8+ unlocked version.


Does anyone have the wifi calling on the note 8 samsung unlocked version as i bought 3 of them 2 have it & 1 doesn’t anyone no why ???


Unlocked versions in the states have been the las to get it so we will be to proberly


I’ve got the update for S8+ unlocked version.


When unlocked version fo the note 8 & note 5coming ??


According to this article on zdnet, the update will be available in the next 2-3 weeks.



Still waiting for the factory unlocked Galaxy s8 variant to get it. I thought factory unlocked phones get the updates before carrier branded?

Des Fisher

No update for me on an unlocked S8 on Telstra network as yet.


I thought that too, maybe someone at Samsung forgot to hit the update switch for outright S8 owners ๐Ÿ™


I guess this is what we should always expect from Samsung. Always been the same and never going to change…


They are supposed to be but not this year


I’ve got the update for S8+ unlocked version.

Timothy Loncaric

Will woolworths who run through telstra rollout the oreo update??


The new vodafone weekly wrap-up shows that ‘testing is in progress’ if you check it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Vodafone is now testing the firmware for Oreo –
I can’t post like cause it won’t work. But search for ‘vodafone software updates’ and click on the lastest one.


Vodafone is now testing the firmware for Oreo – https://www.vodafone.com.au/support/device/software-updates

Igaal Naouri

Anyone with Telstra S8 downloaded the update? does it work alright?


Any one have an unlocked and outright galaxy s8 plus received the Oreo update?


Nope, I’m still waiting as well ๐Ÿ™


Same here

Tony clift

Optus oreo rolled onto my s8+ yesterday. Tony


I have an outright Samsung s8+ on Optus network does anyone have an idea when I might receive the Oreo update?


Hey mate, no updates to Unlocked models since October 2017 patch. No ETA at this stage. Pretty poor way to treat consumers who bought outright.


Yup this is my first Samsung and will have to be my last. Terrible support from Samsung.


Just checked and received Oreo on Optus Galaxy S8+

Jawad azizi

MY Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) is still on 7.0 and they said on the list that my phone would be getting and i haven’t got it so far this may have to do with my area because i live in Australia

Jesse Kinross-Smith

Just checked and my Virgin S8+ is now downloading the update. 1076MB in size.


OMG In fact nothing they say that is in Oreo is working. Picture within picture…nope…I opened YouTube started video and pressed the home button. YouTube closed. WTF….do we indeed have OREO? (and yes mine has all the same info as the number and versions as above picture. I am on an S8 phone. I feel pretty ripped off right now. I wanted that and also the WiFi auto turn on when home or safe wifi and not even the icons can change. Did Australia get nothing?


stuff I see in cnet about what is available in Oreo is not available in mine. This for one…If you disable Wi-Fi when you’re away from home, you’ll never have to remember to turn it back on again.

Android Oreo offers the option to have Wi-Fi turn back on when you’re near a known, safe Wi-Fi network, such as your home.
Any ideas why?


Optus galaxy s8+.. Updated to Oreo a few hours ago. Apart from a few new and ugly always on display options, nothing else is all that different.


Just downloading Oreo for my S8 with Optus now.


Hmmm S8+ with optus and I’ve already updated…


Its only an update,nothing to stress about.You will all get it soon.Note8 is expected in march.There’s a fair bit more that a note 8 has in the way of extra s pen software &the duel camera set up, I’d rather they test it than release a bug filled update like the original 5 update that murdered my kit kst note 4.They did fix it later but with all Google spyware it cut battery life pretty bad. I’m happy with my note8 on nougat & that’s why I bought it. Updates are not always what their cracked up to be &… Read more ยป


Is it me but I have to wonder what is going on at Samsung, their “flagship” phone the Note still doesn’t have the update. Why? If it’s their top of the range phone why is always last to get the updates. oh guess which samsung phone I have? Sorry no prizes! ๐Ÿ™‚


Downloading on my Optus S8+ now

Joseph D Gould

“Couldn’t download update…. Network or server error”. Well, CRAP indeed

Joseph D Gould

Optus or Telstra? My S8+ was purchased (replaced brand new) direct from Samsung but I’m with Optus. Nothing yet.

Joseph D Gould

Still nothing here

Joseph D Gould

Nothing on my Optus S8+.. Keen to finally get it, but far more keen for a P beta (I know, dream on!)


Yet nothing on my unlocked phone direct from Samsung. I’m even using telstra as a carrier, which is annoying since last time they were blocking updates!


Just managed to get the update for S8 unlocked. Yeh? I am on Optus network but phone was bought direct from Samsung


TEL out before XSA? Hell has frozen over!


got mine from JB , still waiting , having said that everything seems to be working fine no problems …….. touchwood (touches scone ).
but it would be nice to see one single update between buying a phone and a year later getting a new one .


That is odd. I got mine S8 a year ago and have had updates and today the Oreo. Doesn’t matter who you bought it from it is to do with your carrier. Go into settings and check the manual update


Got it on my telstra S8 plus

Joshua Hill

Finally. Hope Optus hurrys up! I’ve been getting more and more concerned and frustrated lately with all the security vulnerabilities being stuck on a flagship phone that’s only running October 2017 security updates. That’s half a year out of date Samsung Australia. What makes it more galling is that some other countries have 2018 security updates. Don’t think I’ll bother buying an official Australian delivered Samsung flagship again. If I roll the dice on crap Samsung software and support I’ll prolly just get a grey market import.


Yep – Got it on my S8.

Wow, wasn’t expecting it this quick.

Pratik Pancholi

Does it mean that my note 8 will get the update soon?


Getting it now on my Telstra S8