There has been some coverage of the Sonos and Google relationship in the media lately. The streaming speaker giant is suing Google for patent infringement. That aside, their joint customer delivery continues to strengthen with deeper integration.

We knew last year that Assistant coming to the Sonos One speakers would be the start of something. Later we saw the ability to cast to Sonos Speakers via Nest Home and now, you can set up your Sonos as the default playback target.

The move is welcome for buyers who’ve invested heavily in Sonos equipment before voice assistants were added. Putting it bluntly, the Nest Speakers are highly functional but the speakers aren’t awesome. That is unless you’ve got the Home Max, a rough equivalent to the Sonos Play:5 speaker.

What are the barriers preventing you from investing in Sonos sound for your home?

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Does this work on the Play:5? They just announced no more updates for this particular speaker. Would be great as every time mine gets power cycled i have to open the sonos app to set the chromecast for the input.