An FCC filing has revealed that FitBit, which is currently being purchased by Google and scrutinised by government departments like the ACCC here, is working on a new fitness tracker, possibly the Charge 4. The filing hints at some very interesting new features and possible pricing for this new tracker.

The FCC filing for Fitbit’s model number FB417 lines up with a listing from UK retailer MobileFun, which shares this model number and is listed as the “Fitbit Charge 4 NFC Fitness Smart Tracker” name.

The list has all 4 new trackers listed with NFC as a standard feature on all models, with a special edition version being offered in “Granite” colour possibly, with pricing starting at GBP £159.99. Other colours will include Black, Rosewood, Storm Blue and Black.

For those following at home, that price is around AUD $321.

There looks like some software changes too, with the Charge 4 featuring an e-label, with the workflow to access regulatory details identical to the FitBit Inspire, instead of just having he FCC info printed on the device directly. Also, currently, the Inspire and Charge 3 UI’s operate very differently but in the filing, it would seem that Fitbit has moved to unify the UI to make it much easier for new devices going forward and better enhance the user experience.

Given the filing has now been made public, it is expected the company will announce the FitBit Charge 4 very shortly and we will be keep an eye out for any news if and when it does become public.

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Tom Sekulic

You can buy Versa 2 for less than the proposed Charge 4 price!