A month ago Google announced that there finally had a tool to transfer your Google Play Music data — playlists, likes, library etc — over to YouTube Music. They actually demonstrated it to us and told us that it would be arriving the next day. Unfortunately very few people have actually seen it — and I hazard to guess no Australians.

DroidLife is reporting that many users in the US are now finally seeing the notification telling them that their transfer tool is ready for us. It has appeared for at least two of their writers and many of their readers. If like me you have been checking nearly every day for it you probably already know your status for today — negative for me.

Those who do receive the notification can easily click the notification and can then choose what they would like to transfer over (hopefully I can remove the Hannah Montana and One-D albums that my daughter listened to all those years ago before the advent of family accounts). The transfer then takes approximately 15 minutes.

Some users have reported that they did not receive the notification within the app but when they went to the transfer website they were given the option to start transferring. We urge you to check it out not just in the phone apps (it is meant to arrive in both GPM and YTM) but also the transfer website: music.youtube.com/transfer.

We do not know just how Google is rolling out this transfer tool and it could be US first followed by another country and it will proceed country by country — or it could just be random. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet. Go and have a look in your three locations and let us know if you see it. Jump into the transfer tool and give it a go.

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Nope, not for me. Been waiting for awhile.

That guY

It worked for me once I connected via vpn in Japan.

John Hilker

Nope, been trying every day since it was announced.


For YouTube music I have not seen an easy way to download your music library. Am I missing something?

Dan richloff

Mine was working either, until I switched my account. I have a Google account, but also a separate YouTube account. If you use Google play music with your Google account then YouTube music must use your Google account too, not your YouTube account. Get it?


Transferred yesterday. (June 6th)
Android 10 (May security patch)
Pre-Registered for Transfer: Yes

I agree, it looks to be random with no Rhyme or reason.


Nothing for me yet. (USA)


I’m in the U.S. and it’s a big negative for me as well. Even from the website I get a “We’ll notify you when it’s your turn…”

James Tillery

I’m in the US and it’s still a no for me

Kenneth Daniels

I’ve checked, & checked, & checked daily for almost a month now. But nope, no go. 🤔🤔


I currently do not have it available either, been checking the page pretty regularly to no avail. I don’t have much to my Play Library but I’m still eager to transfer what I do have. USA here, sounds like the roll out is completely random.

tanya griffis

Mine says transfer complete but when i go to yt music app my stuff is not there. Anyone know what i should do?

Duncan Jaffrey

Wait a few hours, then it should be there


I used tunal bare VPN to connect to Canada and it worked. 😁

Joe Gould

I’m new to using VPNs.. I connected via Canada and I was able to start the transfer straight away…. Question, if I disconnect the VPN connection/free trial (lol) does anyone know if the transfer will stop?


Me neither. Looks like it’s actually very few people

Joseph Price Jr

I also used a VPN set to Canada and it appeared


Still waiting … I don’t even have the Explore tab (I’m on iOS) and no one at Google can give me an answer as to why not.

His dudeness

There is no apparent reason behind how they are rolling this out. I’ve been in contact with google for the last year concerning the death of google play music and even made some suggestions that they actually followed but I’m not one of the people who get to transfer. Then again I’ve got numerous playlists capped out at the 1000 song limit, podcasts, etc. I’ve subscribed to play music for almost 10 years on a family subscription but for some reason I’m still waiting. Maybe it’s because of the amount of data involved or maybe its because they dont mind… Read more »


Nope… but it worked for me with a vpn to Canada

Mr. Rando

Thanks for this! I fired up the ole VPN, selected Toronto, and finally started my transfer!

Kenneth Daniels

Ahhhhh. Why didn’t I think of that? I used which sometimes prevents me from downloading apps on the Google Play. I have to disable it every now and then because it works too good.🤔 Maybe it could be used for good this time around. 😎


will enroll only when they release wear os app


Yes I transferred last night, I am in Australia.


Nada! Been checking every two to three days.

Neil Madden

When can Google home be told to play a YouTube music playlist.?


This to me is such a glaring omission of functionality


Of course not 😆😆😆


I haven’t received anything


Nip. I registered my interest about a month ago and I’ve checked the transfer page every day for around two months. Nothing in the apps either.


That should say “nope” (thanks, auto-wrong)

Dick Lhong



Still waiting too. I reckon I check multiple times a day..

Greg Eden

“Transfer your Google Play Music account soon”

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