Wearables are everywhere these days and Mobvoi has delivered some mighty good offerings to date. Now they’ve teamed up with CardieX to bring the TicWatch GTH Pro to market, offering dual sensor technology that will bring accurate personal insights into arterial and heart health biometrics.

Capable of measuring arterial waveform, exercise capacity (VO2 max), heart stress and much more the GTH Pro could quite literally be a lifesaver. Looking at the device specs though, it’s a lot more than that. With the feature set included, you’ll be monitoring health and being encouraged along the way  — everything from setting up the device, getting the best readings and understanding the data — through helpful hints on ways to improve your health and monitor it over time.

Given that the focus of the device being on health tracking and improvement, not just activity monitoring is the price. Coming in at AU$139.99, it’s a far cry from the AU$269.95 for the Fitbit Charge 5 we recently reviewed.

As part of the continued monitoring and support around improved health, the GTH Pro and app provide you with continual recommendations. These cover everything from nutrition, activity levels, sleep, streaks and trends in your health as well as activity levels and finally, reminders to take the time to measure vital health information. It’s also expected that CONNEQT, a subsidiary of CardieX will bring further connected health monitoring wearables to market in Q3 of this year.

Outside of health and activity monitoring the GTH Pro is also a smartwatch. You’ll get access to the normal features you can expect such as simple watch functions, notifications for your apps and some basic interaction options.

The release date is today for pre-orders and shipping will commence from the 21st of March. There will be a lot more to explore with the GTH Pro when review units are distributed, what would you like to know about it?