The official pricing and availability – October 3rd for the majority – is now out for the Galaxy Note 3 on all three major carriers if you want to purchase it on contract. With the exception of Virgin Mobile who have advised they will be announcing their pricing on the 26th of September, you can now check out the options for Optus, Telstra and Vodafone and see which best suits your needs. Meanwhile, if you want the Galaxy Note 3 outright here’s where to do a bit of a comparison, bear in mind these tables are fluid and will change as we get more information but for now, here is how it stands :

The Note 3 will be available directly from the Samsung Experience Store in Sydney(George St) and Melbourne(Highpoint Shopping Centre) from the third of October.

Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Gear
Samsung Experience Store $999 $369

Carriers will also be offering the Galaxy Note 3 for outright sale as well.

Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Gear
Vodafone $999 $369
Telstra $912 $369
Optus $949 N/A

Local importers are actually doing pretty well at this stage, but there are some things to look out for, there are two models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – the N9000 which is HSPA compatible only with an Exynos Octa-Core CPU and the N9005 which has a Quad-Core.


N9000 N9005 16GB N9005 32GB Galaxy Gear
Mobicity $899.95 + shipping from $9.95 $849.95 + Shipping from $9.95 $899.95 + shipping from $9.95 N/A
DMavo $880 + Shipping from $15.00 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Unique Mobiles $799 + Shipping from $18 N/A $829 Import Model + Shipping from $18 $889 Australian Stock or $849 Import Model + Shipping from $18 N/A
Kogan Available in Black or White for $829 + $23 Shipping vailable in Black or White for $879 + $23 Shipping Available in Black or White for $849 + $23 Shipping Available in Black for $879 + $23 Shipping N/A

Retailers are starting to put their pricing up as well, hopefully we get some Galaxy Gear pricing as well soon.

N9000 N9005 Galaxy Gear
Harvey Norman N/A $888 with shipping from $5.95 or free pickup in-store N/A
Dick Smith N/A $897 in black or white $369 in 5 colours

We’re only human, if you see another local importer or distributor with a deal on either the Galaxy Note 3 or the Galaxy Gear, let us know and we’ll update the table.

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Buy it from ebay 720


JB Hi Fi sells it outright for $877 !

Chesty Bond

How is Telstra the “çheapest” option? I think the others are having a lend of us. If the greediest carrier thinks $912 is a good price the other are just being rude. Nice one Voda – crap network and crap prices. Must be hard trying to stay number 4 carrier in a country with only 3 carriers!!!. But you guys are on the right track, Number 5 here you come….losers.


Does anyone know if the Telstra/Voda models are a T variant (like the SGS3 at least was – that’s the last phone I got so I’m behind the game) Also does anyone know if these have carrier bloatware/branding as well?

Daniel Tyson

They will have carrier based firmware on the devices if you buy from a carrier. The outright purchase from the Samsung experience store should be the stock Samsung Touchwiz/Nature UX ROM though.

From importers you may have to check with each one as they source their stock from different locations.

As for a T variant, that was to indicate that they would work on the 850MHz network – the 3G Bands for the Note 3 are :
3G (HSPA+ 42Mbps): 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz


Oops, because I’m a guest I don’t get noti


Sony Smart Watch 2, here I come. Nicer looking (imo), compatible with other android phone, better battery life and approx $350 if bought from Sony store in Melbourne (spoke to sales rep) and possibly cheaper if imported


Samsung Experience store! Well done charging more than Telstra.

Mahmoud Baghdadi

No Brisbane branch 🙁