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Prior to Google I/O, Google added quite a few new features to their fledgling Google Fit platform. Features included Calories burned, estimated distances and of course the new Google Fit watch face. Today, Google has gone through and outlined their list of partners that now tie-in to the platform.

The partners all seem to tie-in to different functions, offering the best parts of what they do all tied-in to Google Fit. Partners such as LifeSum and Lose It! are now uploading all your nutrition data including calories consumed, macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats), and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to Google Fit.

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But one of the bigger pieces of news is that major platform MyFitnessPal will start adding nutrition data to your Google Fit profile as well.

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Sleep is an important part of your fitness regime and tracking it gives you a great idea of how much rest you’re getting overall and trackers such as
Basis Peak and of course the awesome software solution Sleep as Android which works with just your phone or with Pebble, Android Wear and Samsung Gear devices as well, are now recording your sleep data to Google Fit.

Google has also outlined new app and hardware partners which tie-in to Google Fit offering a hardware solution or various workouts. Apps such as Endomondo and Daily Burn offer great workouts which tie-in, while Garmin, Basis Peak and the Xiaomi miBand are new Google Fit partners that will allow users to store their workout sessions and activity data tracked with their hardware to Google Fit.

All up, these new partners show that Google is growing their fitness platform in a pleasing way, something we’ve not really seen previously with other platforms. There is of course more work to do, with many fitness trackers and apps still missing from the list, but it’s a start.

Source: Google Developers.
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No SHealth inegration?


blame samsung for that….

Dennis Bareis

Sleep as Android also automatically turns priority mode on which is very handy 🙂

Michael Manning

What is priority mode Dennis?