Were all doing it, well a lot of us anyway, circumventing geo-restrictions and watching a vast array of movies and TV from the US on Netflix, a large portion on Chromecast. Now Netflix has finally updated their app to include Post-Play support for Chromecast which they

Netflix Binge-watchers celebrate! Netflix has finally added Post-Play support for Chromecast to their Android app.

As promised back in June, Netflix will be updating over the next few days to add Post-Play for Chromecast users. When you’re watching a TV show and inevitably reach the final credits, you will get the small window that announces the next episode that you’ll have seen if you’ve ever used native clients on SmartTVs or other devices.

Netflix advise they have upped the countdown timer, but it will work as it has on any other device. No more scrambling for your Android device to queue up the next episode. Just ensure you have Netflix installed and your router unblocked for Netflix and you should be binge-watching House of Cards or Breaking Bad, hopefully in time for the weekend.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free
Source: Netflix.
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    Jason Hawkins

    Does anyone know a website they can recommend for regularly having the latest apk’s for download, specifically the Netflix apk?

    Daniel Tyson
    Jason Hawkins

    Awesome! Really well written and easy to follow. Thanks Daniel. 🙂