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As is becoming the way of these smaller announcements from Google, an Android TV team member took to Google+ this week to announce an update to the Android TV Launcher app. Amongst the normal ‘bug fixes’ and ‘performance improvements’, Google are also rolling out an often requested feature for the Android TV Launcher, custom ordering of apps and games.

For those who have received the update, ‘slowly rolling out from this week’, long press the select button on the home screen for the new interface to launch. Once in the new interface, you can rearrange your apps as you like, and even remove apps from the launcher, be careful as thus far there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the icons back.

Not a massive update by any means, but it does demonstrate that Android TV is being actively worked on and that the team are listening to user feedback. The update should be rolling out now, however if you are the impatient type we’re sure you know what to do.

DO you have an Android TV device? What feature do you want Google to release next?

Source: +Sascha PrĂ¼ter.
Via: Android Police.
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Finally. Was so annoying.


This biggest thing they need to add in my opinion is to allow multiple account. I do not understand why it is not there like every other Android device does. In a house where everyone has their own account and so does have different apps and media not having easy access to it all greatly lessens the usefulness of the device at least for me.


I guess because tv devices are normally communal rather than personal.