Last month we noticed that the original Nexus player, and its accessories, were pulled from the Google Store. We weren’t completely surprised by this, the original Nexus Player was never a high-powered machine, built to last the ages. However, it’s departure did leave Google without any Android TV offering on the market.

It seems Google may be cognisant of this fact as well if a recent filing by Asus, the maker of the Nexus Player, is any indication. We have to admit, this is a strange occurrence, Asus have not submitted a new version of the Nexus Player, rather an application to change some if the internal components. It’s important to note that the FCC is only interested in the radio frequencies the device admits (think Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and not things like RAM, Storage and Processors.

As such when we tell you that the changes made look minor remember they only have to declare changes in that arena. In the filling Asus say the changes are:
Nexus player update

The most interesting thing here for Nexus consumers is the updated components for USB, HDMI and power buttons. It could be a simple case that the components Asus are using have had a minor change and they were declaring that change or it could indicate that there are larger changes in those components. Could we be getting 1080p output or even 4k? Could USB type C be making an appearance? Some new photos could shed some light on that, check the gallery below.

It’s an interesting development to be sure to see a minor refresh coming to the Nexus player, and as a fan of Android TV on my Nvidia Shield, I would have preferred to see Google come out with new hardware. This could all be an issue of timing.

Google could still have a new Android TV device at the expected September hardware event, and this could simply be a refresh to allow Google to get a development device back into the Google store now. Perhaps the sudden departure of the Nexus Player was nothing more than Asus not quite being ale to supply the refreshed version?

What changes would Google have to have made to the Nexus Player to get you to buy it? Let us know below.

Source: FCC ID MSQ-TV500I.
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Maybe there will be some sort of added functionality that will make this function with Google Home as well?


Didn’t see any noticeable microphone holes in the case. I think it’s “too ugly” for Google to promote it to be on display. Look at the seemly abandoned OnHub and the Home, very specific styling.


4k output is a must. Hoping for extensive voice control, and a good price. Must be able to decode 4k mkv and ac3 audio . And good availability.


I have to say I am doubtful of that level of refresh, but I’d love to be wrong.


Basically looking for a media player that will play any local content of any kind that i have.


Try VLC or KODI.


Sorry Duncan, was meaning hardware wise. Something with Ethernet, 4k and all codec support, running Android


Try the nvidia shield android TV


The Nexus Player can do Ethernet with a USB adapter.