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After launching for iOS devices over a month ago, the brand new Pebble 2.0(.12) App for Android is now finally live in Google Play, bringing with it their App and Watchface store.

The Pebble App store launched with some great apps for the Pebble, including FourSquare, Pebble Cam and more. There is six categories in the Pebble App store – Daily, Notifications, Fitness, Tools & Utilities, Remotes and Games – and there’s a heap of functionality there, but at South by Southwest or SXSW as it’s more commonly known, they’ve taken the opportunity to launch a few more Apps, notably Evernote and Ebay for Pebble.

The Ebay App will allow you to sort through your feed and add things to your watch list, before you complete the purchases on your phone. The pics are pretty low res on your Pebble Watchface, but you can scroll through the description quite well.

The Evernote App will let you check your Checklists, Reminders, and Notebooks from your watch without the need to pull out your phone, basically one of the reasons for owning a Smartwatch.

For those of you who updated to the Pebble Beta, you will now be able to jump back onto the consumer track if you wish. Simply download the Pebble App from Google Play and on first connect the App will ensure your Pebble is running the latest firmware.

For those of you with a Pebble, update today and check out the new Apps. Let us know your favourites.

Source: Pebble TwitterPebble Blog.