Huawei announced only last week that their premium Android Wear device, the Huawei Watch W1 would be hitting Australia this month and now retailer Harvey Norman has listed the watches for pre-order confirming pricing.

The watches aren’t going to be cheap, with the stainless steel cased model with a black leather band starting at $546, a shade under the $549 RRP announced by Huawei. There’s other options including a steel mesh or link band for the steel body, as well as a black casing with link band.

Screenshot 2015-10-07 at 9.40.49 AM

We haven’t seen the Gold case option made available here in Australia – you can expect to pay around US$699 + shipping if you can find one from Amazon who seems to have dropped that option.

The Huawei Watch has been on my list of coveted devices since I first laid eyes and hands on it back at Mobile World COngress where it was first announced.

The Huawei Watch is expected to arrive in Australian stores including Harvey Norman, JR Duty Free, Dick Smith Move, JB Hi-Fi, selected jewellers and Huawei Kiosks nationally from October 15th and if you’re in the market for a premium Android Wear watch, we recommend you check it out.

Source: Harvey Norman.
Thanks: +Brandon.
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Check out the Huawei fb page. Barley any retailer have stock or even knows what it is. I pre ordered one to pick up and I’ve been told late next week…maybe. So much for a 15th launch. Knew I should have bought online and given the finger to Aussie retailers.

Brandon D'Souza

JB HI FI now have the silver with black leather band

Stephen Crisafulli

Come on Asus release the Zen watch 2 already I want a smaller android wear watch


Would love to see some budget options come into the market.

After all, my $100-odd LG G Watch is still doing a good enough job. Only thing missing is WiFi connectivity, but I have been able to live without it for now.

Can’t see these watches getting top dollars from me. After all, they are still only an accessory.

Will wait for the Moto 360-2 Sport prices to come down before considering a new one.


Nice watches, but holy cow, those prices! I was hoping for more around $300-$500 price range. I think I’ll sit this one out, and possibly also the Moto 360 2nd gen if this is the expected price. You can get a great medium tier smartphone for around $550 to $750, which does a whole lot more than a smartwatch

Phill Edwards

I agree totally. It’s a shame they’re pricing themselves out of the market at these prices. And let’s not forget, these are watches that will only last one day on a charge which I think is unacceptable in a watch.


Ridiculous pricing for an accessory. Just because Apple charges a bomb, doesn’t mean your unproven accessory brand can.