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Hawei gold watch
The Huawei Watch seems to be taking Australia by storm (well, in our little world it is). Part of the reason is that you can actually try before you buy at Harvey Norman. The Huawei Watch (or Waaah-watch as I like to call it) is not a cheap watch but many consider it to be the best Android Wear watch available to date and now it’s available in its most premium iteration – rose gold, and for existing Huawei Watch owners, you can also now grab an additional charger.

The Huawei Watch starts at $546 for the steel version of the watch, but the all black version of the watch comes in at around $750 at Harvey Norman, but at $997 for the Rose Gold edition with a metal link band, the Rose Gold Huawei Watch W1 is an option for those who want a premium Android Wear experience and can’t wait for the TAG Heuer Connected watch which unfortunately isn’t available just yet (if it ever will be in Australia).

As well as the Rose Gold Huawei Watch, Harvey Norman are now also selling the charging dock separately, a boon for anyone who likes to keep a spare charger at another location – work, the gym etc. At $49.95 it’s a cheaper way to get a spare charging cradle than ordering one for $59 from the Google Store.

Many people spend quite a bit of money on their watches and surely it is this market that the rose gold version of the Huawei Watch is targeted at. With Christmas just around the corner the $997 that the rose gold Huawei Watch is selling for may be just the ticket for those stuck for Christmas present ideas.
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Anyone want to stick this in someone’s Kris Kringle this year? Are you one of those who will be purchasing it?

Source: Rose Gold Huawei Watch at Harvey NormanHuawei Watch Charging dock.
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