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So our readers tipping us off have delivered again, the story Buzz wrote a few days ago was smack on the money regarding the launch of the Galaxy Tab 8.9″ 4G. The specs have been no secret for quite some time, but the plans that the tablet is available on have varied widely through the various rumours.

The final plan makeup is:
GALAXY Tab 8.9 consumer plans give you (including tablet repayments) 1GB of data for $49 per month, 4GB of data for $59 per month, 8GB of data for $69 per month and 15GB of data for $99 per month. You can view the full details here. Given my plans to upgrade my tablet very soon, the 4G speed on a tablet versus mobile phone is starting to look very attractive to me.

Source: Samsung Press ReleaseTelstra.
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I was in Telstra today and was quoted outright of $840 inc GST.


 i was at telstra today too and they still said $720..dunno why the difference


Outright price for these appears to be around $720??.Galaxy s2 4g release around 4 March with the Note on 13 March .This info picked up from local Telstra dealer and not set in concrete but it might give a few clues on what the schedule is.


I was in Telstra today and was quoted outright of $840 inc GST.

Jarrod hannes

I dont get it guys.. Its been 2 days of WMC and you havnt covered any of it.. I used to love ausdroid.. Seems im always on androidaustralia.com.au these days. They Havnt Mised a Beat this WMC


Same here mate, where are you guys? There’s heaps going on over in Barca and Android Australia seem to be all over it


The availability of them is absolute shit, Telstra should have been better prepared.

Went to four stores this morning and none had received them or had a clue when they would get some. Ended up getting one (of only two) from Tea Tree Plaza.

I have tried the 7 and 10.1 tablets but the size on both of them was a little bit off, this feels perfect.


Any news on the note?


What happen to the galaxy note?i think i will jus order it from the net.

Phil Tann

Check out Kogan – They have some great Android device deals at the moment.
Galaxy Nexus is $519.00 inc gst at the moment.


NOTE: $599 unlocked inc GST and delivery! Kogan


Do the manufacturers think we are stupid now? Galaxy Tab 8.9, Tab 10.1, Xoom 2… none of them are on new hardware OR new software, yet somehow think they can relaunch old products and call them “2” will somehow reinvigorate sales?

Phil Tann

As opposed to adding voice recognition software and adding an “s” to the name?  

it’s disappointing that with source for ICS being out for over 100 days now that devices capable of supporting it are not being released with it.


ICS on my original TF-101 Transformer is sensational – Nova Launcher + ICS on a tablet is just bliss! I’ve added Titanium and removed most of the Asus bloatware just to speed things up a bit, and mate it’s like a different machine all together! 

Gareth Williams

My first question is: why isn’t it running the latest version of Android? Surely if releasing a “new” tablet it should have the latest software.

Phil Tann

I know…
I know…
Like the Xoom 2, nice new hardware – Same old honeycomb!


Same old hardware, same old software, you mean…