Pre-orders for Google’s tablet, the Nexus 7, are now open and in some countries they’ve been halted due to excessive demand. So we’re wondering how many of our readers have already pre-ordered one and which version they went with (8GB or 16GB). Let us know using the poll below — in the comments you can let us know why you chose the version you did and what you think of the Nexus 7.

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Peter Jolly

I pre-ordered an 8gb version. For me whether it is 8gb or 16gb if I want to use it to watch a bunch of movies on holiday (the only time i really care about space), 16gb will still be a problem. So I figure I’ll keep the 50 bucks in my pocket, and think about something like a seagate goflex satellite later.


i already got a xoom, just got to wait a couple of years or so to get ICS let alone jelly bean on it…..

Buzz Moody

That’s pure optimism. Respect.


I’m a bit miffed over the price differential between Oz and USA with the dollar at parity, but otherwise it’s a good device. I think if they had priced it at 199 over here as well, they would have had a much bigger audience.

Greg Bell

That accounts for $20-25 of the $50 difference. I don’t think the logistical costs of getting it to a different market account for the other $25-30. Shipping can’t be that different either as I assume it’s coming from China or at least somewhere in Asia.

Alex Kelly

So excited for mine, only 2 weeks too (:

Mike Tran

Even though he Nexus 7 is at a awesome price point and jammed packed for it’s price , I think I’ll go get the Acer A110 as it’s got a SD slot and supposed to be around the same price. There might be a higher end version with 3G modems too.

Andrew Webb

I was excited about the Nexus 7. It really needs 3g and a microsd slot though.


Was going to buy one but had to remembered that I wasn’t working full time so had to watch my money for a while yet.

Matt Lobegeiger

I really really want one but USB otg is still unknown. Also google had confirmed there’s no hdmi/mhl out. That’s a negative for me. Can’t steam google movies to my tv without shelling out another $100 for a tv wifi receiver or media player…

If USB otg gets properly confirmed I’ll think harder about it…


bad news on 2 levels, Matt.
1. in the second update to their review, Anandtech confirmed that, stock, the nexus tablet will not do USB otg.
2. over on XDA, work so far has gotten a rooted nexus tablet to see a USB drive connected via USB otg, and allow data to be copied from the USB drive to the the tablet, but so far the device will not allow playback of ANY media (audio, video, or documents) from a USB drive connected via USB otg.
Anandtech review:
XDA threads:


If I hadn’t got my kindle then I quite possibly would have found the dosh.


No preorder, and no purchase of this gimped tablet for me at all.
No 3G. No SD/microSD card storage. No USB-OTG storage. No rear camera. No Adobe Flash. No landscape. No GPS. No HDMI.


Get real. With all those features added in, you wouldn’t logically expect it to be still $249. And btw, GPS function is included in the Nexus 7.
Let’s turn it about instead and tell me: how many, if any, tablets in market today give you a 1280×800 IPS display powered by a Quad-Core +1 CPU and 12 gpu cores, with NFC capabilities AND the latest OS (with direct updates from Google themselves) for $249???


Not many!


Yep I preorered the 16GB versionand not just one but TWO. One for myself and one for parents. We both bought the Aldi Bahun tablet for $249 and were really disappointed in it, the dishonesty of Aldi branding their tablet as having a Duel Core processor when they didn’t (Singe core rubbish)

So we are returning them. Spending a few more dollars and getting a beast in return. Even without the rear camera and sdcard support this tablet looks great 🙂


Yes yes yes! If anyone wants a smaller portable tablet they should pre order now! Let’s show Google that they have a market here in Australia so they release more products down under!!


I really want one, but as with other nexus devices, I wont buy one because google doesnt want to include a micro sd slot in them.


Very tempting but lack of storage is a big problem.

Box Guru

It has USB OTG so you can just plug in a hard drive into it. If you don’t want wires then you could go wifi storage by using an Airstash or Goflex satellite.

Pritpal Singh

Cant wait it to arrive…


Not ordered one yet but planning to next week because they don’t say if your card is charged now or on shipment. Grr.

Buzz Moody

It’s charged on shipment.


money is being held in escrow from my account. so.. prob best to wait until you’ve got enough cash


i’m not really a mod…

Aaron De Vries

good to know, I think that’s going to make me preorder one right now 😀


Charged on shipment… but why is there money awaiting to be processed in my credit card?


Yes, pre ordered a 16Gb. 🙂


I preordered the 16gb. While I would prefer more storage maybe its time I updated my home network and got a nas. The tablet/os does support Usb-otg so its not hard to add stuff to it if no nas…

As for the tablet size, I had a 10.1 tf prime and sold it to get a galaxy tab 7.7..I MUCH prefer the 7in form factor…much more portable and easier to use ..but then that’s just my opinion and with android that’s why there are choices.everyone is different

Tom Rubery

Yep, just sold my transformer to my neighbour and used that to completely pay for the nexus, winning!

Brett Adams

I did the exact same thing.

Benjamin Booth

I didn’t pre-order, but I am planning to get one. 8GB is too small for me, I think 16BG is too small too, but I’m going to try getting used to cloud-streaming more content.

unfunk Freeman

Nope. I bought an Asus TF300T less than a week ago. The 7″ form factor doesn’t appeal to me, and to be honest, the oversized phone interface of this thing doesn’t soy well with me either. I’m a big fan of the Honeycomb/ICS combined bar.
I think I’ll buy it as a present for somebody though, later on.

Also, polls don’t show up in the mobile view 🙁

Buzz Moody

:s the poll is showing up for me on the mobile site.

unfunk Freeman

Odd. I’m using Chrome on my sgs3


It shows up on my s3’s stock browser.

Jeff Smith

Was planning to order one until I realised there was no cellular radio connectivity =(


Tether through your phone … I don’t understand why the lack of 3G or LTE is a big deal breaker for people, when tethering is so easy and cheap (ad a $15 data pack to your mobile plan if 3G is so vital and it’ll be heavily used…)
Simple! 🙂

Mike Stevens

Yep, ordered mine this morning. I’m still disappointed with the lack of good tablet-optimised apps on Android, but the 7-inch form factor should help me ignore that a little more easily.


yep. at $250 (well $270 including shipping) I thought it was too good to refuse. got it straight away.. I have a 10 inch tablet (Acer A500) that I use to read books and watch tv/movies on my 1 hour commute each day – its too big and bulky. I’m sold on eBooks and digital content but I need more portability. So I’m really looking forward to this thing.

Mike Stevens

Absolutely right about the A500. I’ve got one too, and I rarely use it. So incredibly bulky and heavy.


yep – will make a good couch tab I think.


Yup, exactly the same reasoning – the A500 is too big to read in bed. Nice on the kitchen table while eating breakfast though.

Mike Stevens

Oh man, that reminds me. I once dropped the A500 on my sleeping girlfriend as I started to doze off. Hit her right in the nose. She did not take it well…

I’m not sure being hit by a falling iPad2 would have been much nicer, but I know which one I’d prefer to cop in the nose!