If you’re yet to bag the goodies you (or your kids) need for the back to school excitement, then Huawei may have just answered your call. The array of audio and productivity tools discounted is pretty impressive and some of the discounts hefty:


FreeBuds 3i
Huawei’s FreeBuds 3i is their lower end earbud option but still offer a comfortable and ergonomic fit. The in-ear design has all of the features you’d expect including noise-cancelling. For users looking for sound delivery across their commute time, the battery is said to last up to 3.5 hours with a further 14.5 hours of battery in the charging case. For the next week, they’re discounted from AU$229, down to $159

FreeBuds Pro
I was lucky enough to recently review the Huawei FreeBuds Pro and putting it bluntly, they’re the best in-ear hearing option I’ve used. The sound delivery is excellent, intelligent noise cancelling is really responsive to your environment and they’re so comfy I’ve actually forgotten they were in my ears several times.

Possibly my biggest issue was the price, an RRP of $329 is a big ask for anyone, but on sale for $229 I’d happily recommend people to get some now!

FreeBuds Studio
Huawei FreeBuds Studio is the latest addition to their audio range and while technically excellent, there are potential barriers for some buyers. Like many other headphones on the market, the noise-cancelling automatically adjusts to suit the environment. The battery is enough to see you through (if we ever do it again) long haul flights with the ANC active and if you do run out of battery, 10 minutes on charge gives an additional 8 hours.
RRP: $499 on sale for $349 from 14.01.2021 – 28.01.2021

FreeLace Pro
HUAWEI FreeLace Pro is focussed on fitness with a larger battery (up to 16 hours with ANC), neck strap while still carrying noise cancellation capabilities. The fast charging capacity is excellent with just five minutes of charging resulting in 5 hours of playback. Normally $199, they’re on sale for $149

Matebook options

MateBook X Pro 2020
This is a piece of hardware that genuinely drew the “Wow” response from me. It looks great, feels amazing and performed admirably regardless of what was thrown at it. The Huawei MateBook X Pro has a stunning screen in 3:2 aspect ratio and touch capability.

My experience was that the Matebook X Pro was lightweight, powerful and had excellent battery life which can be boosted significantly by only 30 minutes on charge. Like a number of Huawei’s top of the line products, this isn’t for users who aren’t looking for an investment at an RRP of $3,299. You can pick one up at the moment for $2804, a significant discount but still not a cheap option.

MateBook 14
The Huawei MateBook 14 is a big step down from the X Pro, but still a mighty impressive piece of kit.

It’s got a full range of specs including 2K display, lightweight body, good battery life and the Huawei Share system which is a great integration if you’re rocking a recent Huawei device. In our review, we said that it was too expensive and a price of just under $2,000 would be a lot more enticing, for now, if you’re keen on one – a smidge over might have to be the go at $2124