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There have been enough Nexus 5 leaks to create this 3D GIF

Yep, that's right; there has actually been enough leaks of the Nexus 5 for someone to create this almost-perfect 3D GIF of the device. I don't think we've seen a device leaked so much before its actually been confirmed or announced by its owner -- in this case, Google. As for when that might be, there's a slight chance it could be done tomorrow US time, but our money is on November 5th. That gives Google enough time to invite people to an event should they choose to host one. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sales surpass 5 million in just one month

Samsung CEO, JK Shin, has told reporters that the company's Galaxy Note 3 has surpassed 5 million sales just one month since coming to market. He said that the response to the Galaxy Note 3 had been greater than that of its predecessors thanks to consumer awareness of the brand. The Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II took five and two months respectively to get the same sales figures. How silly were we early on to think the Galaxy Note line wouldn't be a raging success. Continue reading

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to have 4GB RAM, 64-bit CPU

How good are rumours? They give us something to dream about while we wait for devices (*cough*Nexus 5*cough*) to launch. In the rumourmill today are some tidbits about the Galaxy S5; it may be a good 6 months off, but that hasn't stopped Korean media from reporting that Samsung will aim to put 4GB of RAM into the device along with their upcoming 64-bit Exynos SoC. From the (badly) translated Korean website, Samsung looks to be putting 4GB of RAM into the Galaxy S5 purely to... Continue reading

Facebook Messenger gets a complete redesign, rolling out slowly to users

Facebook has unveiled a new-look Messenger application for Android which will slowly roll out to users from today. The fresh design is a welcome change from the old cluttered app which most users will be stuck with for the time being. Apart from the cosmetic changes, Facebook has made it easier to see who else is uing the app -- users will be denoted by the blue messaging icon next to their photo -- as well as improving text messaging support, which of course can be disabled if you prefer to use the stock text messaging app. The well timed... Continue reading

Google’s own smartwatch centred around Google Now to launch within months

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google's acquisition of WiMM Labs will bear fruit within months, with the launch of its own smartwatch centred around Google Now's at-a-glance services. The Journal's source indicated that the watch will be able to communicate with other devices such as your phone -- this likely for tethering in order to gain network connectivity. The use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE is almost certain in this case, due to its low power consumption -- battery issues have plagued recent... Continue reading

LG G Flex curved-smartphone officially announced, staying in South Korea for now

LG's first commercially available smartphone, the G Flex, has finally been announced by the South Korean company and it looks like it will be staying in its home country for the time being -- launching on all 3 major carriers there. While the naming may suggest the phone is flexible, it really isn't. Instead the G Flex makes use of a curved 6-inch 720p -- no 1080p for now, ladies and gents -- OLED display which allows for its curved design. Under the hood you'll find a 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU,, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera, and a sizeable... Continue reading

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has seen a return rate of 30% at Best Buy stores in the US

Samsung's attempt to crack into the smartwatch market may not be as successful as they would have liked. According to a leaked document regarding the roll out of Android 4.3 for the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Gear has been suffering from a return rate of over 30% at Best Buy locations around the US. That's almost 1 in 3 devices being returned by customers. It's unknown exactly why the Galaxy Gears are being returned after purchase, but lacklustre reviews coupled with a $300 price tag may have seen Samsung's expectations set far too high.... Continue reading

Android 4.3 test firmware for the Galaxy Note II leaks out, available for flashing

Thanks to an exclusive leak by the team over at SamMobile, you can now flash a test firmware version of Android 4.3 onto your Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100). Being a test release -- the full release is due in late November at best -- you're likely to come across a few bugs and inconsistencies, however, it's worth a shot if you're not shy and proficient in your use of Odin. The firmware – N7100XXUEMJ5 – features new UI elements across the entire device that bring it up to par with the Galaxy S4 and Note III, with tabbed settings,... Continue reading

Nexus 5 confirmed to have 2300mAh battery

Thanks to photos snapped of the upcoming Nexus 5's battery, it looks to be confirmed that it will have a capacity of 2300mAh. It has previously been rumoured around the internets that the 16GB model -- expected to cost $400 -- will have the 2300mAh battery whilst the 32GB variant -- expected to cost $450-$500 -- was said to feature a 3000mAh. Since there have been no leaks or solid sources of that information, it's looking less likely by the day. The Nexus 5 is rumoured to be announced by Google Continue reading

Samsung fined $355,000 in Taiwan for falsely badmouthing HTC

In a ruling handed down by the Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission, Samsung has been fined around $355,000 (AUD) for organising an internet campaign to badmouth HTC whilst praising Samsung's own devices. From the outside, it doesn't seem like a move worth making for Samsung, the dominator in the Android market, however, HTC has great market share in the home country of Taiwan. Two other companies were also fined for their part in the smear campaign against HTC. The $355,000 fine is hardly going to leave a mark on Samsung's latest Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 might be powered by a 64-bit Exynos SoC after all

Not to be outdone by Apple's 64-bit CPU inside the iPhone 5s, Samsung is looking to power its next-gen flagship device, the Galaxy S5, with an Exynos 64-bit SoC of their own. Korean media is reporting that Samsung have completed the "most complex tasks of the development process and is now dealing with technicalities and logistics." This is positive news as Samsung previously didn't believe they'd have the SoC ready in time for the Galaxy S5. As for Android's support for 64-bit chips, KitKat is likely to have all the needed changes to ensure they work flawlessly with any... Continue reading

Samsung breaks profit records, raking in $9.96 billion last quarter

Samsung have today released their audited financial results for Q3 2013 and they're very impressive for the leading Android manufacturer. Breaking previous records, Samsung made $9.96 billion (AUD) in profit before tax, up from $9.34 billion (AUD) last quarter. It's hard to compare these earnings to that of HTC or otherwise because of the sheer amount of other products and services Samsung offers, however, Samsung notes that its mobile division is performing well with demand for tablets increasing sharply thanks to the Galaxy Tab 3 launch. They also credit their aggressive marketing campaigns as avenues for increased sales numbers. Forecasting... Continue reading

YouTube readying a music subscription service of its own to launch alongside a new YouTube mobile app

According to a report from Billboard, YouTube is readying its own music subscription service with a video component that will be launching later this year alongside a new YouTube mobile app. Just take a moment to let that news sink in. YouTube, a Google owned entity, is launching its own music subscription service that is likely to compete against Google's own Google Play Music All Access service. 'Compete' is probably the wrong word, instead Google is likely to capitalise on the people that see YouTube as an easy way to access their favourite tunes and music videos. "We're always... Continue reading