Woolies offering the LG Optimus L2 Series II for $99 with Bonus $20 Google Play Store Card

With back to school specials now beginning across the major retailers, Woolworths in the latest catalogue which starts on Wednesday 1 January 2014 (until Tuesday 7 January 2014) are offering the LG Optimus L2 series II on Optus Pre-paid for $99 with a bonus $20 Google Play Store gift card. LG certainly have come a long way with the L Series and even though the Optimus L2 Series II does offer a very basic set of specifications with a relatively small screen, I have to say its still a good device for a first time Android user. Just in case you... Continue reading

LG Australia comments on the local availability of the G2

The fact that LG's 2012 flagship phone - the Optimus G - launched here in April, almost six months after its Korean debut in September 2012, has lead to much speculation about the local launch window for its successor, the G2. The good news is that it appears LG has learned the importance of a global launch, and we're now hopeful we'll see the G2 soon after it's officially unveiled in New York on August 7. LG Australia says they're working with local Mobile Operators to release their new flagship locally here in Australia in a timely... Continue reading

LG kills Optimus brand for G and Vu series – next phone is the G2

LG has just updated their Korean PR site to advise that they will dropping the Optimus branding for their premium line of phones but will continue using 'G' as their premium brand going forward. The next phone in the G line will be known simply as the G2 and is expected to be announced at the August 7 event in New York. The announcement confirms that the 'G2' will come with LTE-A providing a maximum speed of 150Mbps and will run a Snapdragon 800 CPU. The LTE-A chipset would tie-in nicely with the Telstra network here in Australia and... Continue reading

Rumour: LG and Google in talks to make the next Nexus phone

The Nexus 4 has proven that LG can produce a quality phone, delivering a high spec well made product and it seems that despite inital issues with delays on supply of the Nexus 4 Google is happy enough with LG to begin talks with LG about producing the next Nexus phone. A story appearing in The Korea Times about a visit to Korea by Google CEO Larry Page, reports that he met with executives from LG where they are believed to have discussed a number of topics including 'ways to improve their business partnership' as well as developing... Continue reading

Rumour: LG and Google to launch Nexus device next month

Whilst the name may not be decided yet, Paul Obrien from Modaco is posting that he has had the rumour of a Nexus phone from LG confirmed by a source he trusts '101%' not many details apart from some basic specs so far. He does make note that there 'The device is based on the Optimus G but doesn't look the same', there will be no microSD card slot and the battery will be non-removeable -long press on power button to reboot from now on I guess. Information on the device they have had confirmed so far : Quad... Continue reading

Win an Optimus L7 via the LG Australia Facebook page

LG is currently promoting their L-Series in Australia from the dual-SIM L2 through to the top of the line Ice Cream Sandwich running L7. All of their L-Series phones run Quick Memo software and now LG is now giving you a chance to win an Optimus L7 by trying out the Quick Memo concept for yourself. Simply head over to the LG Australia Facebook Page and enter the competition by uploading a photo and annotating it using the Quick Memo software that is on all the LG L-Series phones. The competition is open now and runs until the 23rd... Continue reading

LG announces Quick Memo upgrade for all L-Style handsets

LG Electronics Australia has announced that they are making the Quick Memo software available for their entire range of L-Series phones in Australia, this includes the Optimus L7, Optimus L5, Optimus L3 and the Optimus L2. The L7 software update also includes device improvements and the Play Movies app and will come as standard on devices shipped from August onwards, the L5 will have the update installed from Launch on the 1st of August. If you own the Optimus L3 or L2 though you will have to wait until September for the upgrade. If however you have the L7... Continue reading

Optus and LG offering QuickMemo update for Optimus L7

Optus has put a message on their Facbook page to advise Optimus L7 owners to check their phones for an update which brings faster performance and a new piece of software called QuickMemo which allows you to capture screenshots and annotate them before sharing them. Attention: LG Optimus L7 owners! LG has provided a software update for your Optimus L7 that is available now for download and installation. The update is designed to deliver faster software performance and includes the new software feature called QuickMemo. QuickMemo is a handy new feature from LG that lets you capture a screen image then jot down... Continue reading

LG officially launches L2 Dual-SIM, L3, L5 and L7 L-Series phones in Australia

LG has officially launched the L-Series range of Phones in Australia today and has added the Dual-SIM L2 to the line-up which was announced at Mobile World Congress in February. The L-Series range is actually not a bad looking range of phones and to showcase this they've engaged former Miss Australia, Erin McNaught to be the 'face' of the L-Series in Australia, she will be starring in a national TV commercial for the L-Series that will air later this month. The L-Series range includes the Optimus L7, which has a 4.3" NOVA Display powered by a 1GHz CPU, it... Continue reading

Optimus L7 available in white exclusively to AllPhones

Well you like the look of the LG Optimus L7, the only problem is that black doesn't do it for you, well luckily AllPhones are here to help you out. They are now exclusively offering the Optimus L7 in white for the bargain price of $295, that's outright pricing for those shouting that you can get the L7 as an Optus Prepaid phone for $269. The 3G radio is only listed as 900/1900/2100 which means you`re either using it on Vodafone or Optus but anyway it's all about choice isn't it. This doesn't show up on the AllPhones... Continue reading

LG Optimus and Optimus Me won’t be getting Android 2.3, still in testing for Optimus 2X

LG have contacted us to let us know that two of their devices won't be getting updated to Android 2.3, those being the LG Optimus and LG Optimus Me -- both very low-end devices. While that is depressing news for owners of those devices, owners of the Optimus 2X will be happy to know that LG are in the final stages of testing the Android 2.3 update for the device and it should be rolling out in the 'near future'. I don't know when this 'near future' is, but it seems a lot of stuff... Continue reading

New LG phone Optimus Spirit launched as Telstra Pre-Paid phone

Believe it or not there are people out there who don`t always want or need the latest and greatest phone(GASP!), but these same people do require a basic phone with smartphone capability that works & Android has offered handset manufacturers the ability to offer a consistent smartphone OS which covers high and low end phones, which brings us to the LG Optimus Spirit, which will launch as a Pre-Paid phone on the Telstra Network. Specifications: 800 MHz processor using Qualcomm MSM7227T chipset 512MB RAM 3 mega-pixel camera 3.2” capacitive touch screen 320x480 @ 180ppi Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP/ Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 150 MB storage... Continue reading

LG Confirms that the Optimus 2X will receive Ice Cream Sandwich

If you were one of the people who purchased the LG Optimus 2X from Harvey Norman, you probably felt pretty ripped off last week when LG announced via Facebook that the phone would not see any Ice Cream Sandwich love. Well that same Facebook page has just announced as you can see above, that they now have plans to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to not only the Optimus 2X but to their other high-end smartphones(Optimus 3D??). So your update run is not over yet. We`ll have to wait and see how quickly this can get to handsets after Google... Continue reading