If you’ve been contemplating whether you’re on the right streaming service, Amazon is presenting a good case to try theirs. With 3 months free, instead of the standard single month trial for a limited time.

There’s plenty to enjoy on the service with:

  • Over 75 million songs
  • No advertising to interrupt your playback
  • Offline downloading options – Handy if you’re short on data or in poor coverage
  • Integrates across your Alexa devices

This isn’t the first time that Amazon has offered a great deal on trying their streaming music service, having offered 4 months for 99c around the same time last year. What is new though is they have followed the example of Spotify, Amazon Music recently added Podcasts which, while it is functional is missing a number of major creators.

Amazon Music is still growing in functionality and user base which is why deals like this are so smart. However, there is a catch in that you have to have a credit card on file and unless you unsubscribe beforehand recurring charges will kick in. So if you do decide not to proceed with the service, unsubscribe early, something I did straight away without hassle.

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I tried Amazon Music on iOS and Android and cannot cast at all to my Nest devices. It’ll connect then stop playing after 2-3 seconds. It crashes on Nest Hub. No deal. Ended up going back to Spotify. On iOS it can’t even detect my cast enabled devices (tried 2 iPhones).

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Chris Rowland

Yeah it’s a bit limited on iOS. It displays a cast icon but doesn’t show any Google Cast devices. That said, I don’t use Amazon music and probably won’t – it just comes free with Amazon Prime (which we do use).

Neerav Bhatt

Amazon Music casting has only ever worked for me to their own Echo/Alexa speakers


Spotify has 3 month trial now too and is better IMO.

Or get both (new customers only) – cast from app for Amazon or use voice for Spotify with Assistant