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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Jetpack Joyride

After many months of me sending enraged tweets at the developers, all the while eyeing iPhone users with jealousy, Halfbrick Studios have finally released Jetpack Joyride onto Android. Hoorah! Even though it's free, the catch is that right now,...

Stick Tennis – App Review

One of my favourite games on Android is Stick Cricket which I reviewed when it first came out on Android. Today Stick Sports has released another game into the Google Play Store : Stick Tennis. Following in the same...

Google Australia: “We want to sell gift cards outside the US eventually”

We reached out to Google Australia earlier today asking if there was any chance of the Google Play gift cards that launched today would ever find their way to Australian stores. It turns out that there may well be...

Import files to your Nexus 7 from USB Flash Drives without Root

One of the complaints about the Nexus 7 is the lack of storage and/or the lack of ability to expand that storage. At this stage the only option is to root your Nexus 7 and then use StickMount with...

Pinterest for Android — App Review

For quite some time there has been an app available for the iOS users of Pinterest. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was an app. Android users have had to put up with a rather lacklustre mobile site, which actually...

Google Play Gift cards found in the US on-sale

Yesterday we saw the evidence for Google Play Gift Cards and Wishlist in the APK for the latest Play Store update, today Android Central has been sent photos of a $10 and $25 Gift cards. Android Police then reported...

Flash? Not for Android. Not anymore.

One of the promises made to consumers buying an Android device has historically been ‘the full web experience’, including Adobe Flash content. Earlier this year, Adobe announced plans to drop Flash support on mobile devices, and this has now been finalised with Adobe removing Flash from the Google Play Store. The decision...

JB Hi-Fi updates NOW app to support Ice Cream Sandwich

JB HiFi has emailed at least one of their customers to advise that the JB Hi-Fi NOW app is compatible with all versions of Ice Cream Sandwich. Apparently it has only been available to phones running Gingerbread or Froyo...

Redeemable Gift Cards for Google Play Store coming Soon?

Looks like something that has been long asked for in the Google Play/Android Market may finally be coming to fruition. Issue 7818 - Implement Gifts within Android Market has been around in the Google Code database since April 2010...

Official Pinterest App now available on Android

I first noticed that a Pinterest app would be coming out around Google IO however attendees at Google IO spoke with Pinterest there who advised the app was not quite ready. Well it appears it's now ready, Pinterest are...

Holo themed apps – making Android beautiful

‘Android is ugly’ has been the catch cry of iPhone users for years. And they weren’t wrong. For the most part, despite its enormous feature set and flexibility, Android as a platform was ugly. Many applications simply reused assets...

Google Translate app updated to translate written text

Google has updated the Android Google Translate to use the OCR function from Google Goggles to allow you to get another step closer to the Babel Fish from the HHGTTG. The app now has a camera function which once...

Gameloft’s first Android game powered by Unreal Engine: Wild Blood

Gameloft have unveiled their upcoming game for Android and iOS called Wild Blood which is powered by Unreal Engine making the game look pretty awesome -- as you'll see in the video below. The release date for Wild Blood...

LG announces Quick Memo upgrade for all L-Style handsets

LG Electronics Australia has announced that they are making the Quick Memo software available for their entire range of L-Series phones in Australia, this includes the Optimus L7, Optimus L5, Optimus L3 and the Optimus L2. The L7 software...

ACCC launches Recalls app for Android

Last year over 400 products were recalled for one reason or another, to make it easier to find out which products have been recalled and what to do if you own said product the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...

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