+ Thursday August 22nd, 2019

Assistant and Artificial Intelligence

Google Home introduces multi-user support for up to six users

After teasing users with multi-user support last week, Google has today announced the feature is live and will support up to six users. After connecting your account through the Google Home app, multi-user support will now respond based on the voice profile of users allowing individually tailored responses for queries …

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Google Assistant Shopping List has now moved, here’s how to access it and share it.

Google’s decision to split the Shopping List from Assistant to Express certainly ruffled some feathers over the weekend. The change has become a reality and it’s now live and available to use – and I think it’s cool. The Google Express list is now accessible for anyone, you simply load …

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Hey Google, why are you pulling Assistant’s shopping list out of Keep?

Google has started advising that from April 10th, they will no longer save shopping lists created from Assistant to Keep. Ahhh Google, how you love to fracture, replicate and confuse your product offerings. It seems someone from the Google Assistant team either got transferred from or had lunch with someone …

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Best Buy Insignia, LIFX, TP-Link and Wink now work with Google Assistant

Google is expanding the range of accessories which will tie-in with Google Assistant announcing new partnerships with samrt accessories from a range of smart accessory companies. LIFX was first to announce their compatability with Google Home, and now Google has added them to the list of Google Assistant compatible accessories …

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Good news everyone LIFX Smart Light Bulbs now work with Google Assistant

Google’s journey into Home automation has been a slow process, but it’s picking up steam with Google Assistant. Today, LIFX, the smart bulb company which was founded by Australian inventor Phil Bosua, announcing that from today the bulbs will work with Google Assistant on Home, Pixel and other compatible Android …

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