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Friday, July 30, 2021

Beanhunter for Android — App Review

Beanhunter is an app that has been released by a company based in Melbourne, having released their Beanhunter iOS app a fair while ago, they have received many requests for an Android version which they released just in time...

Sony Tablet S — Review

The Sony Tablet S is more than just the typical rectangle slab of tablet which is all too commonly seen lined up at your favourite electronics retailer. The unique ‘wedge’ shape of the Sony Tablet S sets it apart...

Adobe Touch Apps — Review

It's not all that often that a high quality app is available exclusively to Android (well initially anyway), but the people who brought Flash to Android now bring you six more of them in the Adobe Touch app family....

HTC Sensation XL — Review

Like many people, my first Android phone was a HTC so I was actually quite excited at the prospect of trading my Nexus S in for the Sensation XL for a week for this review. I have...

Samsung Galaxy S II Leather Case by Aranez — Review

I'm not usually the kind of guy that puts his phone away in a case to protect it or to make myself look exclusive and awesome, however, when Arnold Aranez -- you may know him as @mr_gadget -- offered...

The Adventures of Tintin HD movie tie-in game – Review

The wait is over, the official Tintin movie tie-in game from Gameloft is now available to purchase. The movie, which is due out on the 26th of Decemeber is fantastic and Tintin fans can get a look at the...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus — Review

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This is the most highly anticipated phone this year, but does it live up to the hype? There is no mistaking that this is an exceptional phone however it is not without its imperfections. The...

Stick Cricket for Android — App Review

Arriving just in time for the Cricket season is a game that my brother has been telling me about on iOS for ages, Stick Cricket. This game has been hugely popular on iOS for a long time and apparently...

Galaxy Nexus – First Impressions

After a few false starts, today I received my Galaxy Nexus purchased from Mobicity and so far this phone is definitely living up to my expectations. The Nexus is not as wide as I expected, it fits in the...

HTC EVO 3D — Review

The HTC Evo 3D is the 4.3” monster with 3D camera and playback from HTC. If you’re a fan of everything 3D then you are absolutely going to love this phone! Everyone else is going to think the phone...

Samsung Galaxy Note — Review

I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Note as my primary device for 2 weeks now. It was clear that Samsung didn't quite know how to market this device or even who their demographic was, we can see this by...

Samsung Galaxy Note – First Impressions

So I managed to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note or as some are calling it The Phablet. I've only had the phablet for a day now and I can safely say, that it is more phone than...

Motorola RAZR — Review

Motorola are hoping to make a big comeback with the RAZR; it's thin, it's fast and it's ready for action on Optus. I had high hopes for the RAZR going into this review, I'd read a few good things...

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S — Review

When the chance to review the brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S arose, I was quick to jump at it seeing as though I loved the original Xperia Arc perhaps a little too much. What I've found with...

Google Wallet is now working in Australia… somewhat

If you couldn`t tell from my last post on NFC, I find the idea of paying for things with NFC or doing anything with NFC an exciting prospect. Now a hack has appeared over at XDA Developers that allows...

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