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Google Maps Navigation is all go for devices running 1.6+

Today is a good great day thanks to the launch of Google Maps Navigation beta for Australia & New Zealand this morning. No doubt car cradle accessories are going to be the hot item...

Google announces Google Maps Navigation beta for Australia, launching Wednesday

Sure, there may be a work-around to get Google Maps Nav on your Aussie Android device already, but it's absolutely awesome news to know that Google Australia will be officially launching Google Maps Navigation...

Nexus One to receive Gingerbread in the next few days?

News coming out of Camp TechCrunch is that the Google Nexus One just might be getting Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in 'a few days', well that's if you don't have to wait for Vodafone to...

What’s going down in November..

November is a busy month, it's filled with all the latest releases that are being pushed out by carriers, manufacturers and retailers in order to get the most sales during the upcoming holiday season....

Mr Gingerbread arrives at Google HQ

It's been quite a while since there was a new confectionery arrival to the Android Clan outside of the Googleplex, but today arrived the much-anticipated Gingerbread. Google was also kind enough to put together...

Suspected Gingerbread (Android 3.0) details surface

I think it's about time the rumour mill got started on the news about Android Gingerbread (3.0, or whatever number they plan to give it). Details released by Phandroid yesterday suggest that there a...

Telstra’s HTC Desire set to receive Froyo within days

Continuing the good news for Telstra HTC Desire owners, who haven't already given up and rooted their device, you can rest easy knowing the Froyo has passed Telstra's rigorous testing and is set to...

Android Developer Lab Sydney – November 5th

For quite a while now, Google has ignored Australian Android Devs, and it wasn't until recently that things started to change. Now even better news for Developers, Google will be holding their first Android...

HTC Desire Z & HD both been delayed due to failed Google testing

Yay for last-minute device testing! Both the Desire Z and Desire HD have both failed Google TA (Type Approval) testing at the last-minute causing HTC to delay the devices hitting the market. There are...

Australian Currency now used in the Android Market

Thanks to the recent upgrades to Android Market guidelines, Aussie Developers can now sell apps on the Android Market, which has now allowed our own currency to be used on the Market. Paid applications...

Google officially add Australia to Paid Apps Development list, finally an incentive for Aussie...

Last time it was a hoax by Google accidentally adding Australia instead of Austria, but today they have officially announced via the Android Developers Blog that 20 more countries can now submit paid applications,...

Google launches Phone Gallery, lists Android Devices in each country by Carrier

Since Google has removed purchases of the Nexus One from http://google.com/phone, they have decided to put the site to use with a list of most Android Devices in each country (including Australia) and links...

Google now supporting Paid Applications for Aussie Developers (Update: Google lied)

Update: apparently Australia was "wrongly listed" on the Android Market help website. Well done, Google.. Apologies to everyone who got their hopes up, it seems it's too good to be true. Update 2: Australia...

Nexus One no longer available from Vodafone

All good things must come to an end, and that is indeed the case with Google's Nexus One 'superphone'. Dave from Vodafone has confirmed that Voda will not be receiving any more stock for...

Vodafone launch an Android Hub

Finally, a carrier is really starting to push the Android Platform! Vodafone has just launched an 'Android Hub' to help consumers understand what Android is all about, as well as throwing in a few...

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