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Optus to lower Galaxy S to $0 on $49 cap

There is a lot of competition in the market at the moment, and Optus are continuing to push prices down. On Monday they are going to lower the Galaxy S to $0 on their...

Motorola Milestone available on Optus – $0 on $49 cap

Goodness, isn't July the month for Android news, and I think we've hit the jackpot on this one! Optus has FINALLY put the Motorola Milestone up on its shelves! It may be 6 months late,...

X10 Mini Pro hits Allphones – $49 plan or $489 outright

Just as we suspected, Allphones have stock of the X10 Mini Pro and it's available only on the Optus $49 'yes' Social Plan which includes $420 of credit & 500MB of data. It is...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro coming to Optus via Allphones

So you were thinking of getting the X10 Mini, but you wanted a keyboard. Well, now your wildest dreams have come true. Through a one month exclusivity deal (starting July 1st), the SE X10 Mini...

Samsung Galaxy S — Q&A

My favourite part of the phone review, answering all your questions! I sent a message out through Twitter a few days ago asking you guys if you had any questions you wanted answered about...

Samsung Galaxy S — Review

So I currently have my hands on a little device that goes by the name of "Galaxy S". Now, this phone isn't big news, besides the fact it's one of the best phones that...

Galaxy S will be $0 on $59 ‘yes’ Social Cap [Official]

Optus have finally posted up their press release for the Samsung Galaxy S, in it they specify that it will $0 on the $59 'yes' Social Cap: Available for $0 upfront on the Optus’ $59...

Samsung Galaxy S confirmed for July 1st roll-out on Optus

If the above picture from Techanist doesn't confirm (see the "Optus Zoo" & "My Account" apps) the fact Optus will roll-out the Galaxy S from the 1st, maybe Optus's offical word will. Optus have informed...

Xperia X10 getting Android 2.1 in Q3 — MediaScape & TimeScape update in Q4

Sony Ericsson have said on multiple occasions that the Xperia X10 would be getting an update, then they finally said it would come in Q4. Now they're saying that it will be here in...

Samsung Galaxy S to be a 1 month exclusive to Optus from July 1st?

Although this is currently just rumour, I've been told this by multiple sources & from some of you guys. But it seems plausible. What I was told is that the Galaxy S will be available...

Optus to launch the Motorola Milestone this month

Remember when we said that the Garmin A10 & Motorola Milestone would be heading to optus? And then when the Garmin A10 came to Optus? Now prepare to get your minds blown. It has come...

Garmin A10 available now through Optus — $0 on $49 cap

As we previously reported, the Garmin A10 has appeared on the Optus website! It's available on the $19 'yes' cap plan for $9/mo or $0 upfront on the $49 'yes' cap plan. The Garmin A10 is...

SE Xperia X10 Mini Press Release

For anyone wanting a bit of a read, SE has just sent me the Press Release for the launch of the X10 Mini on Optus. You can download it (PDF) from the link below,...

SE X10 Mini $0 on Optus’ $49 Plan – $349 on Prepaid

Optus have pretty much gone under the radar on this one. They have stuck up the X10 Mini on their site as Post-Paid on the $19 'Social' Plan all the way up to the...

Xperia X10 Mini headed to Optus Prepaid for $349?

Once again, our friends over at Techanist.com have got hold of information that suggests (if not says straight out) that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini will be heading to Optus, but instead of...

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