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HTC Desire & Desire HD getting Gingerbread update around Q2

There have been a few rumours floating around adding to the uncertainty that HTC would update their Desire line of phones to Android 2.3, now Android Community have stated a HTC Executive has said...

HTC Desire HD on Next G? Yes, you can has.

Look, ordinarily we wouldn't post a story like this, because it's not quite a story. There's not a lot to be said, but it has one AusDroider (... me) rather excited. Yes, I admit...

Top 5 Android Devices In 2010

This has been a great year for Android, especially in this country. We've seen Carriers pick up some major exclusives that have paved the way for the continual evolution of devices that we'll see...

HTC Desire HD follow up thoughts

With the Desire HD on its short voyage back to MobiCity headquarters, I thought I would just write a quick follow-up post to the review to share my final views on the device. Certainly...

HTC Desire HD, the Desire all grown up — Review

The original HTC Desire launched way back in April on Telstra and was the flagship Android device for both them and for the Australian Android market in general. 6 months on and it's time...

We’re hands on with the Millennius SmartQ & HTC Desire HD

Note: For all new readers, these posts go up so you guys can ask us questions about the device before the review goes up. Hope we cleared that up.. G'day guys, today feels like Christmas...

Desire Z & HD have now got permanent root access

If you're one of the lucky ones that purchased their Desire Z from MobiCity, and one of the many that have received their Desire HD from Vodafone and the like, you'll be happy to...

HTC Desire HD now available from Three’s online store

When the Desire HD was first announced by HTC and Vodafone just a few days ago, they did mention it was coming to Three 'soon'. Well, 'soon' is 'now, as the Desire HD is...

Vodafone HTC Desire HD’s shipped, arriving very shortly

Any of you lucky people (unlike us) who have pre-ordered the HTC Desire HD can get excited about any mail for the next 24 hours. Vodafone have announced via their Twitter account about the...

Desire HD hitting Vodafone stores on Friday

Vodafone have just kindly pointed out via their Twitter account that the HTC Desire HD will hit all Vodafone stores from this Friday (5th of November). The 4.3" monster will no doubt create a...

What’s going down in November..

November is a busy month, it's filled with all the latest releases that are being pushed out by carriers, manufacturers and retailers in order to get the most sales during the upcoming holiday season....

HTC Desire HD now available for pre-order from Vodafone

Desperate to get your hands on the latest technology HTC & Vodafone have to offer? Then it's best you get your pre-orders in for the Desire HD now, as these beasts are going to...

Circular Quay overrun by Andy!

So if you happened to pass by Circular Quay in Sydney today, you just may have caught a glimpse of Andy just hangin' out with some of the wonderful Vodafone Ladies. He's down there...

HTC Desire HD will also be available through Crazy John’s

Fear not my Vodafone-detesting friends, Crazy John's will be also be selling the HTC Desire HD from sometime in November on their $59 cap, which let's remember, uses Vodafone's network. CJ's cap is a carbon...

Official: HTC Desire HD will be $0 on $59 cap, exclusive to Vodafone forever.

It's about time we got some official news on the HTC Desire HD on Vodafone, and that news is trickling out of the launch event currently taking place in Sydney. What we know so...

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