For a long time, we’ve been wanting English Australia as an option when setting up Android. We even promoted a feature request on the Android L issue tracker which made the request to add it as an option back in August. Well, in the latest Android Lollipop Developer preview, English (Australia) is now an option.

As you can see from the screenshot, English (Australia) now appears in the list of available languages, just above the option for English (India).
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It’s not all great news, the keyboard dictionary is still set to US, meaning you will need to change the to ‘UK’ to get the correct spelling of words:

Settings > Language & Input > Google Keyboard > Languages > Switch off the Use System Language option and then select English (UK).

This of course brings you back to the problem of having a £ for your currency etc.

It’s not complete but it’s still pretty good. Perhaps there will be an update to fix this in the final OTA push.

Thanks: Lex.
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    there’s a separate setting for speller checker language, does this not fit the keyboard language? not sure what the point of that option is if it doesn’t


    not sure why you are suggesting to change the keyboard language when you can separately set the spell checker language


    I don’t understand what this has achieved at all. Choose “English (Australian)” and you get a US keyboard and a US dictionary. What exactly is Australian about it?

    David Anderton

    Exactly what I was thinking

    Alexei Watson

    If you leave the language selector as ‘use system language’ and then go in to google keyboard settings, you can set UK English as a dictionary. Get to keep the $ symbol then.

    Don’t remove the US option though as it breaks the keyboard auto correct.


    I don’t understand why it is so difficult to get this one right to be honest.


    Cool…. but annoying when Cyanogenmod has had the Australian option for years and Google lag behind….