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The Google Pixel phones have been running the latest and greatest version of Android for a while, as you would expect. Next in line from Google you would expect is last year’s flagship, the Nexus 6P, and it appears to be the case.

According to the Vodafone website the OTA update will be released from Google beginning at 5pm AEST on December 6. The OTA update is a whopping 650MB so it is certainly more than just the December security patch (which is included apparently). The update brings the official Android version number to 7.1.1 with the build number being NMF26F. There is a new baseband as well with the new version updating to angler-03.78.

Rumours have it that the Nexus 5X will receive the update to Android 7.1.1 at the same time although this is yet to be confirmed. The rollout beings with only 10,000 phones selected at random to receive the update over the first 3 days followed by another 10% per day between days 4 and 13. From day 14 onwards all devices will receive the update.

So, on the 6th of December charge your phone, connect to some Wi-Fi (or use your phone’s data) and keep an eye out for the update. Let us know when you start to see it on your device.

Source: Vodafone.
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Suraj Pathak

There were some issues regarding VoLTE network in India in Nexus 6P. The Reliance Jio sim was not working in dis phone. Will dat issue be solved?

Branden Aye Tremblay

Apparently 7.1 finally fixes the issues that have plagued the Nexus 9 since launch especially the memory usage issues. I’m signed up for the beta on my Nexus 9 lte but no ota yet.


Also running NPF26F bb 3.78 (7.1.1) on the 6P. Performance and stability are better and the “Okay Google” anytime bug resolved since the update.

I’ve noticed however sms notifications do not always chime when a new message is delivered. I’m using lightflow and have not determined whether this is an app issue yet or not.. Hard to tell whether battery is being consumed faster or not -> this will be revealed within the work week.

Alan Cramer

Beta testers have been using 7.1.1. The version you have quoted in your article of 7.1 is only available on Pixel and Pixel XL and was the launch version of Android. The First Nexus release post 7.0 will be 7.1.1 skipping 7.1.


Yeah but is the official update going to have any significant differences from the beta?

Jack Harington

Will we get native pixel launcher!?


been on the beta of 7.1.1 battery seems to be a lot better but since the update 2 its gone backwards again

Brad H.

Hopefully they’ve sorted the battery drain sitch.

I reckon (no evidence) that my battery has been draining 50% faster since installing 7.0.

Used to power through a day (8am-1am) with 20-30% spare. Now I’m getting the 15% warning at around 1-2pm with the same work load.

I tried doing a factory reset, and a new factory image, but still no better.


Yep same here. Was getting around 4 – 5 hours Screen on Time before the update. Am lucky to get over 3.5 hours with the average seeming to be around 3 hours. Massive drop. In the battery stats Android system and Android OS are always higher than the Screen. Have reflashed and factory resetted a couple of times. Fingers crossed they have fixed it. I have reported it a few times back to google.


Wonder how much of a difference it’ll be from NPF26F …i am seeing angler-0.378 now?


That’s the same day as the Dec security updates will roll.. so the OTA images etc will also be available to flash presumable for all eligible Nexus and Pixel devices.

Btw the security patches seem to come out on the Tuesday of the first full week of the month.


Yeah vodafone list that as being the december security update but then go on to say it is 7.1.1 and the DL is 650MB