eBay 4.0

eBay Inc has announced overnight that they have released a major update for both their Android and iOS apps which improve services for buyers including ‘easy access to top deals, promotions and events, balanced’ and sellers.

The app update, which brings the current version of the mobile apps to version 4.0, brings with it much needed improvements including a simpler, faster interface for buyers whilst giving auctions higher priority compared to how they have been currently. The apps also gives first time users through a more helpful dashboard which is the same for sellers as well.

For a buyer the improvements to the app certainly do plenty to the user at the end of the day. eBay has reworked both the start page and the shopping channel to help users track down their purchases, which has been a little bit of an issue previously. There is also an activity section that tracks users browsing and visiting habits. With these improvements, users can also expect better navigation across the board within the app.

eBay Inc has stated that this is just the start of a bigger picture and larger initiative, so it will be interesting to see what future updates and background upgrades will bring.

Source: eBay Inc Newsroom.
Via: Engadget.
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    “simpler faster interface”… Maybe if you own an iPhone it’s simpler, but on Android is a confusing mess.

    Andrew Smith

    This is the worst app update ever, 70% of my followed searches have gone and are replaced by searches I haven’t done. 90% of followed sellers are no longer there either. This is only the 2nd time I have written a bad (very) review. Not happy : (


    Hopefully this version allows you to search for stores!