After announcing that the latest update to Pokémon Go would be arriving this week, the Gen 2 Pokémon from the Johto region are now showing up in the game. The update also includes new berries, as well as evolutions for some Kanto region Pokémon like Eevee. We’ve taken the new update for a spin and here’s a few tips.


To start with, the new system of catching Pokémon is a little better. On the right hand side of your screen you get easy access to berries, including the new Pinap and Nanab Berries as well as the trusty old Razz Berries. The new berries will show up at Pokéstops, though it seems you can only have 6 of each at a time – at least that’s been the case for me.

Razz Berries work (or don’t) as usual to entice Pokémon but the newer berries have some cooler applications. First up Pinap Berries are a bonus if you’re on the hunt for candy with these berries allowing you to double the amount of candy awarded if you successfully catch the Pokémon on your next throw. Nanab Berries on the other hand will help with some of the newer Pokémon who have a tendency to move around the screen in a new mechanic. Nanab Berries slow Pokémon down, making it less likely they’ll run away or jank at the last second causing you to miss.


There’s loads of new Pokémon around – 80 in fact – including the new evolutions. There’s also two new evolutions of that adaptably lovable Pokémon Eevee – Umbreon and Espeon. Just as we saw in the original release of Pokémon Go, changing the name of Eevee will allow you to control which evolution of Eevee you’ll get when you tap the evolve button. How do you do it? Easy, if you want Espeon, rename your Eevee to Sakura or if you want Umbreon, rename your Eevee to Tamao.

We’ve tried it, it works, so there you go. Now you just need to find an Eeevee or 2 amongst all of the new Pokémon out there.

The update to version 0.57.2 of Pokémon Go is now live in Google Play, so update your game and start catching all them all.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO
Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Price: Free

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