It was a big day yesterday with the Made By Google 2017 event. Loads of new hardware, some of which is coming here and so we saw some updates to the Google Store. For Americans however who have a much broader range of products available there was another change – there’s no more Android Wear, or anything non-Google on there now.

The change was noticed mainly by the removal of the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style and the ‘Android Wear‘ category which was also removed. The watches are still there on the page, but trying to purchase either shows that both products are ‘no longer available’. It’s not just Android Wear, Hue bulbs aren’t on there, but Alphabet owned Nest is still available.

So what’s all this mean?

Well, it’s part of a new initiative to offer only Google hardware on the Google Store. Google is of course a serious hardware player with the whole ‘Made by Google’ initiative. The new perspective on hardware sales was made clear by London based Android Wear and IoT expert, and Googler, Hoi Lam on Twitter in this mini Tweet-storm:

Of course here in Australia the Google Store has only ever offered a very limited array of items, so, well, we barely saw a blip, it was mainly just frustration that we can’t yet order Pixel 2 phones, Google Home Minis or PixelBuds yet, or Google Home Max or PixelBooks at all. But, it gives us a perspective on where Google is going with the Google Store globally.

You can of course peruse the Google Store in other regions by clicking on your avatar pic in the top left when on and then tapping on the flag and selecting another country.

If you’re wondering what happened, you’ll still be able to buy Android Wear and other smart home products, but mainly from bricks and mortar or the manufacturers own online store. It’s not a bad idea, but even I have to admit liking the Apple online store which offers a bunch of high-quality products compatible with Apple devices from a range of manufacturers in one convenient location.

What do you think? Should Google offer products from other manufacturers on their store?

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    What do you think? Should Google offer products from other manufacturers on their store? – Yes, I do. Especially for Android Wear which is having a hard time picking up momentum. So many people ask me about my watch and like it, but have never heard or seen it being advertised or sold anywhere.