If you’re like many users these days, a little bit of extra data each month would be really useful but also seems like it would be really expensive.

Well, there’s good news, because both Optus and Vodafone have deals at the moment that may appeal to a lot of potential users. The best bit? No, they’re not expensive.

Optus has dropped the cost to $18.75 per month for 10GB of data:


Vodafone also has an offer at the moment with a double data bonus – $30 for 20GB of data:

Telstra by comparison at the moment is offering $29 for 5GB. This relatively expensive option suggests that data SIM-only offerings are far from a steady stream of income for the company.

You could grab a Pocket WiFi from eBay to give yourself that little bit of flexibility with your connection, use it as a second SIM in a dual SIM device or even in a tablet. Ultimately though, these plans represent pretty good value in the current market if you want to stick with one of the main players vs the MNVO options available.

How much data do you chew through each month on your phone, tablet or laptop when you’re out and about?

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Thank you for this helpful article


if i had unlimted i would download 75gb a month as i found out when i had a holiday in the Usa for 14 days.