Google Nest WiFi

Earlier this it was rumoured that Google would be releasing two new Google Nest WiFi devices — now those very same devices have just gone through the FCC. This all but confirms that Google will indeed be releasing an Eero-style following up to the Google WiFi at the Made by Google event in just a few weeks.

The “Interactive internet streaming device H2D” and “Interactive internet streaming device H2E” both have all of the required frequencies to act as a WiFi router, Bluetooth hub and Thread IoT hub. So they may be more than just replacements for the original Google WiFi with a Smart speaker strapped to it’s back.

The two devices seem to be different sizes, based on the FCC compliance labels which unfortunately offer very little indication of their overall design or form factor. If all of the rumours are true we should expect to see a new Google WiFi hub that you connect to your main network and a secondary Google WiFi that includes an Assistant speaker and is expected to be finished in Google’s fabric wrapping.

Assuming that the filling is complete there is no mention of WiFi 6 or 802.11ax in the filing at all, so either Google has chosen to not certify the devices for WiFi 6 at this stage but could activate it later. It is also possible that the hardware is not WiFi 6 compatible at all.

While WiFi 6 is in no way “needed” today as time goes on and the protocol makes it way into more devices it will become more ubiquitous and thus more useful. I’m not sure I’d invest in any new routers that don’t at least have the hardware needed to support WiFi 6 into the future.

With the Made by Google event in just a little over 2 weeks, we don’t think it will be long until this, and perhaps a few other devices break cover.

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