One of the things I love about having a Nest hub easily accessible in my home is the control for media. Possibly because my kids love playing annoying music at an obnoxious volume. The update which brought a new media playback dashboard makes life much more pleasant. The changes give you a list of all speakers in your home that are playing media.

The list you’re presented within the Media Dashboard is very simple to navigate. You’re shown each speaker in your network and current status, with the option to control media playback. Moving up and down the list is very easy and selecting devices to control is a single tap on the screen.

As part of the visualisation of media users also get further visibility on:

  • Whether its a group or individual device playing
  • The source of the content such as YouTube Music, Spotify or Google Play Music
  • Media details including song and artist, or video title from YouTube

To access the media dashboard on your Nest Hub, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Media button. The addition of the media button polishes previous functionality and centralises previously buried controls.

What other functions would you like to see improved on your Nest Hub?

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Ryan Lewis

I have the nest mini and i cant shuffle my google play music library!
When you tell the assistant to shuffle music, it only shuffles random stations, so annoying.