+ Wednesday September 18th, 2019

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Another Legendary Pokémon is now appearing in Pokémon Go for a limited time

Another Legendary Pokémon has joined Pokémon Go with Ho-Oh now available to trainers participating in Raid Battles around the world until December 12th. The new Legendary Pokémon is appearing thanks to the massive success that was the Pokémon Global Catch Challenge which saw Farfetch’d unlocked globally for 48 hours. According …

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EFTPOS begins offering Android Pay for ANZ and eight Cuscal backed Financial Institutions

Android Pay has gotten another boost in availability with more than 2 million customers now able to assign their EFTPOS cards to the service. Customers from ANZ, as well as eight Cuscal backed financial institutions which include People’s Choice Credit Union, Sydney Credit Union, Woolworths Employee’s Credit Union, Credit Union …

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Google Play to developers: Use Accessibility Service properly or be removed.

Google has contacted developers using the Accessibility Service on Android with a pretty clear warning: stop using this service improperly, or we’ll remove your app from the Play Store. All manner of apps use the Accessibility service for things that they probably shouldn’t, including controlling user input, detecting whether particular …

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Don’t want your friends scrolling through all your photos? Show them just the ones you want with this app

We’ve all had that uncomfortable situation where you want to show some photos on your phone to someone else, and before you know it, they’re scrolling through everything else in your photo app as well. Screenshots of your banking details? Snapchats you’ve saved? Photos you’ve taken in the mirror? Worse? Well …

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