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Optus launches the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab $79 Power Pack

Optus have taken an aggressive approach to the Android market in Australia, pretty much from day one. Today, I received a little bit of news about a Galaxy S and Tab being sold (together)...

Samsung Galaxy S 2 video teaser hits the web

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FNKe6pPBnc&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3&w=640&h=390] It might not even be announced yet, but Samsung wants there to be a little bit of hype to be built up by the time they hit the stage at MWC to introduce...

Samsung Galaxy S gets ready to evolve at MWC in February

Samsung seems to be the talk of the town at the moment and this story is no exception. Samsung just has thrown up a tasty little morsel on their Samsung Unpacked site. Leaving everything to the imagination,...

Samsung says it does not charge carriers for Android updates.

More information has come to light in regards to the Pay-to-Update story leaked via a post on XDA. We covered that story and have been wondering, if it's true, do other manufacturers also indulge in this...

Samsung insider tells the world how Android updates through Carriers work

I've just read an extremely interesting post by a person who claims to be a Samsung insider. In this post, the insider explains how Android updates are provided by Samsung, yet Carriers have to...

Which carriers will be picking up which new devices?

There have been a lot of cool new devices announced in the past week or so thanks to the wonder that is the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES!). Having all these devices out in...

Samsung to announce next-gen Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab at MWC in February

According to the folk over at Engadget, Samsung have said that they will be announcing the next generation Galaxy S device as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. Samsung noted that it will...

White version of the Samsung Galaxy S available this week onwards

Update: It seems Vodafone have locked down the white Galaxy S in an exclusive agreement with Samsung. It also seems to have been hiding out on Vodafone's online store . You can order the...

Android 2.2 for Galaxy S on Vodafone & Crazy John’s is ready for updating

If you're one of the thousands who owns a Samsung Galaxy S from either Vodafone or Crazy John's you'll be happy to know that your Android 2.2 is waiting for you in Samsung's updating...

Top 5 Android Devices In 2010

This has been a great year for Android, especially in this country. We've seen Carriers pick up some major exclusives that have paved the way for the continual evolution of devices that we'll see...

Galaxy S + Galaxy Tab bundle on Optus Business for $89

See, being a business man/woman is all about looking the part. Optus Business clearly understands this, so they've put together two of the classiest devices available, the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab for...

Android 2.2 for Galaxy S’s available for Optus customers… NOW!

If you're an owner of a Galaxy S from Optus, that continually emails me asking "Buzz, where the f**k is the Froyo update for my Galaxy S?!", you can leave me alone and update...

What’s going down in November..

November is a busy month, it's filled with all the latest releases that are being pushed out by carriers, manufacturers and retailers in order to get the most sales during the upcoming holiday season....

Optus: Galaxy S Android 2.2 update available from early-to-mid November

Optus just said yesterday that Android 2.2 was good to go for their Galaxy S devices, but to be honest I think it was just customer support trying to say the right things to...

Froyo for Galaxy S will come via Kies, not OTA — Available now-ish

It seems OTA updates are becoming a little less viable for updating high-end devices with massively sized Android updates. The next hit is the Samsung Galaxy S, which Optus confirmed today via their Twitter...

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